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Ancient Idols, Rogues and Princesses

I have been making models, jungle bases and started some terrain for Ghost Archipelago. this has been a good opportunity to combine models from a number of different manufacturers and periods. I have been enjoying some Conan stories. Some of those books I have not read in 20+ years. I don't know how well they hold up in today's politically correct climate with impossibly muscled men rescuing impossibly beautiful women from impossibly evil wizards, or equally impossible monsters. However the tales make a good basis for scenarios for Ghost Archipelago, rival gangs of Pirates, Wenches and Rogues seek to relieve ancient temples of their treasures and woe betide any guardians that get in the way. I am also building some terrain out of polystyrene. What S&S adventure is complete without some dark ancient stone buildings. One of the Ghost Archipelago scenarios involves a ruined watch tower so I can use this to build one of those. I originally designed the building with verti