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Carnevale - Cthulhu holidays in Venice

Carnevale is a warband skirmish game set in Renaissance Venice infused with monsters and magic from another dimension. I tried out the game with a skirmish against Thomas's Nobles. I used the Doctors faction these are what Doctor Frankenstein would get up to if he ran Arkham Asylum without any medical oversight. The Doctors create cyborg zombie creatures to do their fighting and make all sorts of steampunk devices. Here is my crew, I have a wizard leader, some monsters a magically imbued madman and Nursey. This is Thomas's crew of Nobles out for a pub crawl. Tom has done a good job painting the nobles to look like they are individuals but have several similar style elements to they look like part of the same faction. My Monsters have spread out a bit and my canonier has moved up ready to lay down some electroshock therapy. My Crocodile forgot how to swim. Nursey moved up to lay down some healing on the cannonier and the orderly. The Lion moved up to block charge lanes. Some sho

Hobby update, - Sarrissa Precision Colony B

I have been enjoying listing to the Alien RPG sessions from Garblag Games. They created a new adventure Desolations Edge. This is set in the Union of Progressive People. The whole adventure is kind of like Hunt for the Red October with Xenomorphs. The crew of adventurers investigated a UPP installation full of tight corridors blind corners and pikes leaking steam. It also featured a rendition of "I did it my way!" in a Russian accent. The bees from the Hyrdoponics labs got infected with black goo and started mutating. I got inspired by this title cover to add some pipe detail to the interior of the MDF buildings. I cut up a box of paper straws to make the pipes. Here is a section of corridor with pipes. Alan suggested I keep the candy cane theme, but I think I'm going with something grimier. I cut the ends of the pipes so the parts of the building fit together. Now with some inhabitants from my Gale Force 9 Another Glorious Day in the Core game.

Hobby Update - Xenomorph walls.

 Here are some shots of how I made my terrain that we used in the last couple of Stargrave mission. I made the walls out of some Polustyrene sheet. It was easy to slice up with the Proxon. I curved the walls.. I also made up some square pillars to be the corners I then rolled out the DAS clay into thin sheets textured it with the Hive World roller from Green Stuff world. To make sure there is a good grip between the clay and the substrate, I applied a layer of PVA glue to the walls. The clay is then draped over the walls and then cut to shape. While the clay is soft you can push it gently into shape. I made an arch and a smaller wall out of some off cuts. I broke off the ends off some of the walls to make them more tumbled down. I then used the pieces to make other smaller walls. Here is another shot of the walls and the arched wall. Making a set of terrain like this was interesting. The rules specifically suggest not making a whole series of narrow corridors.  Once the clay had dried

Stargrave Quadrant 37 - The Queens Lair.

Thomas, Richard Alan and I played the Queens Lair Scenario. This is the final mission in the Strike from the Shadows campaign. This scenario featured a nest of the Alien Queen with 5 royal guard with 4 pieces of alien technology. I painted up one of my buildings (I had originally built this for the Infinity objective room) I upgraded it with a floor of Xeno ridges to match the walls we used last mission.  Each player got to place 2 data loot treasures and 6 alien eggs. So there were eggs all over the place. These could launch a shooting attack (face hugger) which could be really nasty. We had recruited a couple of Sentries, Imperial Pacification troopers to fill holes in the ranks after last game. The idea was that they would act as a bodyguard for Darth Vader and add to his close combat prowess. The Queens nest surrounded by her Royal Guards. Fortunately they are all asleep and will only wake up if they take damage. This means its possible to sneak in and get some treasure without get