Stargrave - Quadrant 37 - Get in there I don't care what you smell.

 Richard joined us for the third mission of the campaign. In this mission we had to get off the table via a central shaft, while being chased by hordes of Xenomorphs.

The shaft smells really bad so soldiers have to pass a will check to get down the shaft. Maybe they know something because the shaft leads to the Alien Hive for the final scenario.

Relief for escaping the train station was short lived when the train car derailed and crashed into a stinking sub level. This looked like an abandoned engineering deck, most of the walls were covered in weird alien resin.

Darth Vader cut his way out of the wrecked car with his lightsabre and led the other survivors out of the pod. Several of the squad were still untangling themselves from the wreckage but the dark lord was in no mood to wait.

These team members were still stuck inside the carriage.
Darth strode towards a loot token while Commander Soros leads a detachment towards a second objective. 
Alan and Richards crew of Rebels squared off over an objective. Alan was taking cover behind a fuel canister. Maybe not the best choice. Alan is also laying down smoke grenades to cover his advance.
Richards drone gets attacked by Alan's boss and inflicts serious damage. Darth Vader has moved up to the loot token. Cloaked in Shadow and armed with his light sabre he is a difficult target.

We've got movement in front and behind...
The robot commando runs forward and throws a smoke grenade of Darth Vader. Commander Soros then overclocks its processor and it pivots to shoot at the Alien Warrior coming up from behind. It gets a Critical hit, however the Alien then gets a critical dodge and the shot misses. 
Missed it by that much Chief.
We manage to wound the alien but it is then joined by 3 friends
A fresh wave of reinforcements break out of the transport pod 
Richard lays down a holographic wall to segment the battlefield and ensure that the conga like of blips can't see him, (nor can Darth Vader). Darth Vader managed to take control of Richards drone, (I used to make these when I was a kid) it then zapped his trooper and raced towards the central exit. Just before it made it to the exit, Richard managed to restore the factory defaults (damn Windows updates) so it returned to his control just in time to exit the table. Curses.
Alan's crew are spreading towards the next treasure token. Advancing by throwing a smoke grenade and then running into it goes along way towards preventing you from being shot.
There is now a line of smoke clouds that cover a path across the battlefield, Greedo, Boba and the commando droid are facing down the onrushing Alien horde. Boba got his first kill of the day.
Alan's runner droid has made it to a second treasure. Backed up by his powerful psychic Lieutenant.
The Storm Trooper is doing a good job distracting the Aliens. There was some thoughts about whether he would want to get out of the train car at this point. But as a member of the 501st (the 20 minuters) he knew his duty.
Alan's team are making their move, they have split off a team to get the data loot, however a pack of Aliens is moving towards them. Alan's captain is back behind the fuel canisters busy healing herself after going down to one health.
Bossk moved up to try and shoot Alan's runner droid but he missed and got blasted for his trouble

This is what Alan's left flank looks like. Signals, clean, 12 metres and closing. Alan upgraded his recruit into a trooper, She is still Xeno bait and she has to take the meeting minutes so its not that much of an upgrade.
Here is a conga line of blips advancing into the center of the table. Bleep, bleep, bleep......
The Smoke cloud Darth and his team were sheltering in suddenly dispersed which means all those blips were revealed. Greedo's smoke cloud also blew away, but fortunately the Xenomorphs could not see him.
The horde is revealed, a mix of warriors, acid spewers and Workers.
Richard has been holding off  Aliens advancing past the yellow site office. His Captain finally made it out of the transport car (it took him 3 or 4 turns to pass his roll to get out)
Darth Vader and his crew advance towards the hole. 2-1-B activated his rockets and boosted down the hole. A Xenomorph managed to grab Darth Vader, The commando droid attacked and got smashed, Darth swiped it with his light sabre and got bitten for his efforts then Boba Fett stepped up and sliced the creature to pieces with his monofilament rope. Greedo is punching well above his weight and is holding his own against several xenomorph warriors.
Alan's crew have made it to the edge of the hole but several members of his crew are struggling to overcome the smell.
Richards crew are also hesitant about getting into the hole and are backed up at the edge.
Commander Soros had unlocked the loot and Tipple Zero had picked it up ready to run for the hole and safety. (robot don't care about bad smells.)
Commander Soros lobbed a grenade from one smoke cloud to another and score a critical hit on Alan's lieutenant, this is the third game where she has died to a critical hit.
A second wave (maybe that's 72nd) of Xenomorphs are approaching.
Alan opened the last treasure and it summoned a Ferrox (some kind of space weasel). This was probably something that had escaped from a lab. This did the empire great service by distracting several Xenomorphs.
The Storm Trooper makes it to Darth Vader, the Acid spewer jumps on Boba Fett and he killed that one too.
Sleestack the pathfinder had made a valiant effort to get the data loot but had been wounded and was looking to try and make it off the table, however he was in a dangerous part of town as several acid spitters were nearby.
Greedo is making a valiant fighting withdrawal, holding off three Alien Warriors.
Alan's commando threw a Frag grenade at the cluster of warrior forms. He gets two critical hits killing the creatures instantly and damaging the other one. Now that's a frag grenade. Fire in the hole.
Two warriors quickly drag down the Ferrox, the worker is already bored and has walked away

Boba Fett fired up his Jump pack and dropped into the shaft. Greedo and the trooper are still fighting off the last two warriors.

Darth Vader, Commander Soros, Boba Fett and the two droids have made it off the table, Greedo has fallen down the hole. He is clinging on the sides. The trooper also falls in the hole, he then knocks Greedo off and the two of them smash into the bottom. Greed survives but the trooper does not.
Richards team are engaged with several xenomorphs and two are kicked into the hole but they manage to cling on to the edge. 
Alan's crew are trying to get ready to leave and at the same time dodge Aliens roaming he edge of the shaft.
Alan's flanking force is making its way back to the hole while trying to stay out of sight of as many Xenomorphs as possible.
All the Imperial forces have left the table. A couple of Richards team get dragged down by the Aliens. Sleestack had been killed by behind the power cart
Alan's crew link up in the smoke clouds. Richards last team members are busy getting eaten.
Alan's crew all leave the table and with the battlefield now overrun by Xenomorphs the crews are making their way through a series of tunnels hounded by the Xenomorphs.

So the most successful mission yet. Half my models made it to the exit and we got two treasures. I got some trade goods and a carbine of +1 shoot.


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