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Blakes 7 - Get to the Lifts

After teleporting into the base in two groups, Blake was surprised to hear alarms going off. The federation base was on full alert. The section was crawling with security troopers. Bioweapon assault troopers were also being deployed. The base was acting as if it was under full assault. The Base had also deployed its shielding and this was blocking the teleport beam. However Orac advised that the base had a transport system that included a maglev line that extended outside the primary shield and would allow the crew to be extracted. The only problem was the nearest point of the transit route was several sections away. Blake lead Gan, Cally, Jenna and Villa through the Science section. Avon led Soolin, Tarant, Dayna and Major Rena through medical. Blake and his team arrive in a small room. Jenna opens the door and the team head out Cally and Villa head towards the physical loot counter at the end of the corridor Some of the expendable shock troops form a security check point near one of

Blakes 7 - Stargrave Solo campaign

This was a show I really enjoyed growing up. So its great to be able to pay tribute to this show with some games. I created a Blakes 7 crew to run through the Solo campaign in Quadrant 37. I'm also using the game mat and terrain from Core Space. These does quite a good job of representing a Federation installation. Blakes 7 didn't have enough characters at any one time for a full Stargrave Crew so I broke some continuity rules and included all the characters from all the seasons. There is far more complexity to the Blakes 7 universe than came out in the stories. The Federation knew about invaders from the Andromeda galaxy. Unfortunately they didn't have the technology for intergalactic travel. The Federation had to throw all possible efforts into developing new technologies even at the expense of personal liberty and freedoms. They built an automated minefield covering a significant quadrant of the Galaxy nearest to Andromeda. (that probably didn't come cheap) Its also

Carnevale - the Sermons of Dagon

I took my Church of Dagon crew out of a tour of the streets of Venice to spread the good word. The local guilders decided they didn't like the Church interfering with their protection rackets. So they sent out some armed thugs to oppose the will of Dagon The congregation set forth over the causeway bridge. Here are some of the guild traders and assassins. The congregation sets forth. One of the less conventional members of the congregation waits in the water. The action heats up quickly. The Dagonite priest cast blood rites on the Dagonite officiant. Alan then counter attacked by moving the Black Lamp near the priest on the roof. The Capodoccia then jumped over the roof and stabbed the priest to death. The Voice of Dagon then jumped onto the roof and then sucked the soul out of the Black Lamp off the roof one way and then threw the Capo off the roof to the rest of the congregation. The Temple officiant also charged down the alleyway and attacked the shipwright. he was taken down to

hobby update - Carnevale miniatures

I have been having fun painting my Carnevale models. Here is my Church of Dagon collection.  Here is my Church of Dagon collection.  I made these bases with white stuff epoxy and then pressed in  the texture with a Basix press mold. I think a Green Stuff world roller is better, but I don't have one of those that does rotten planks...yet. The Church of Dagon is a charitable organisation helping the poor of Venice. Any rumours of monsters and evil rituals are  grossly interfering in the Church's internal affairs and the peoples right to freedom of worship sovereignty are not only full of prejudice, but also extremely hypocritical. Here are the Doctors The Doctors are a bit like a Haemonculus coven from 40K. There are a few doctors and they are supported by their army of cyborgised servitors. Most of the hospital staff and patients are a mix of flesh, metal and magic. The bases were made from the same white epoxy with a Green Stuff World cobblestone roller.  The Doctors are an arm

Carnevale Game 4.

I got in another game against Ed's guild down at the club on the weekend. We played a non combat mission where it was all about breaking or saving the market stalls. There were no points for killing enemy models. Here is my gang marching over the bridge to gain control over some of the objectives. Ed's gang of thieves were busy burning down a couple of objectives on the other side of the table. I sent a flanking force around another building Ed's crew are advancing over a bridge on the other side of the island. My Hollowman and Nurse go and try to intimidate one of Ed's urchins My Doctor of Ordnance opened fire and then the Warden dashed around the corner and bashed the Black Lamp to death. My Flanking force is also advancing Ed's urchin has destroyed a second market stall. That's my Warden standing in the middle next to a Black lamp shaped hole. Ed's boss pushes my hollow man off the roof, he falls to death and allows the Doctors to regain 2 will. The Docto