Carnevale Game 4.

I got in another game against Ed's guild down at the club on the weekend. We played a non combat mission where it was all about breaking or saving the market stalls. There were no points for killing enemy models.

Here is my gang marching over the bridge to gain control over some of the objectives. Ed's gang of thieves were busy burning down a couple of objectives on the other side of the table.
I sent a flanking force around another building
Ed's crew are advancing over a bridge on the other side of the island.
My Hollowman and Nurse go and try to intimidate one of Ed's urchins
My Doctor of Ordnance opened fire and then the Warden dashed around the corner and bashed the Black Lamp to death.
My Flanking force is also advancing
Ed's urchin has destroyed a second market stall. That's my Warden standing in the middle next to a Black lamp shaped hole.
Ed's boss pushes my hollow man off the roof, he falls to death and allows the Doctors to regain 2 will. The Doctor of Ordnance had a shot at one of the Baronis. He then got shot to death but was then saved by the Doctor of the Morgue.
The King of Thieves jumps off the roof of the building stabs the Doctor of the Mind and then shoots him, knocking him into the canal, in his spare time he knocked over the 4th market stall giving the Thieves the victory. The Nurse had moved over and healed the Doctor of Ordnance so he is ready for another go. But too little to late.
My flanking force arrived to put some more hurt on the thieves. One of the Urchins got knocked into the canal. 

A nice quick game, and interesting where combat doesn't generate any victory points.


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