Kill Team - Genestealers above ground.

I got in against Ben and his Star Striders, The Genestealers had made a lair in some old ruins. The Starstrider crew needed to cross this dangerous area so they could recover a valuable relic.
Here are the Genestealers lying in wait for any that enter their territory. I placed once stealer in the open because I knew I could Salk it into cover and threaten the mid board.
The Star Strider's motion trackers started going off, but they could not lock down the locations of the Genestealers while they were hiding in the ruins.

The Genestealers are scuttling forwards.
The Genestealers have flanked around their short side and seized control of the objective point between the Star Striders and their relic
One the other side the board the Star Striders are advancing.
One of the armsmen got close enough to get an accurate fix on one of the genestealers. This enabled their ship to get the coordinates and a beam strike lanced down out of the heavens.
However the lightning reflexes of the Genestealer alowed it to avoid most of the damage and it survived although wounded.
At the end of the first turn the Genestealers controlled 4 objectives and the Star Striders 2.
Turn two and Ben one the initiative, he sent the Voids master onto the roof of the building in the middle. He then killed a Genestealer with his weapons barrage. I then had to respond by charging him with a genestealer, otherwise he would have called down some cluster bombs. That Genestealer was in turn shot by the gunner. 
A Genestealer ran over and eats the loyal hound. He then dodged a Krak grenade from the assassin before succumbing to a hotshot lasgun burst from a void trooper.
The Lectromeister got drenched in acid and then penetrated by barbed fleshhooks. This prevented him from completing the Tac Op he had been assigned.
On the other half of the table. I managed to kill the trooper with the Frag grenade. The other trooper fell back.

The Starstriders managed to cluster bomb a couple of Stealers leaving me short on that side. Something like this.
That trooper then got eaten


My Genestealer ate the assassin and used its feeder tendrils to heal some wounds. The Gunner then called down a cluster bomb strike on another couple of stealers. He was then impaled by Fleshhooks and dragged to his death. That stealer then secured Objective 2.

The Genestealer Patriarch moved over and ate Elucidia. The doctor then moved over and finished off the Patriarch, but was then flesh hooked to death. The doctor was the last Star strider to fall. There were only a couple of Stealers left at the end.

The Game ended 24 to the Stealers and 7 to the Starstriders. I missed out on one point of Rob and Ransack because the Patriarch died and one point from Executioner because I forgot to select a target in turn 3. 
I managed to control 4 of the objectives each turn and got 4 out of 6 points from Tac Ops. |Ben chose the faction Tac Op - Measure Motive force which bencame impossible when the Lectromeister died. Ben also selected Recover Item, but he placed this about as far away from his team as possible and that position became untenable when the Genestealers over ran that position. This left Secure Vantage as the only possible Tac Op and standing on top of a building in the middle of the table would have resembled the Pyramid scene from AvP.
Being deployed on the diagonal reminded me about the old 40k games where you deployed in quarters and brought back all the theories about short sides and long sides and where to push forward and where to hold back.


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