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Hobby update - BFG and Kill Teams

I have been working on some kill teams. This is my Heirotek Circle. I found I had almost all the models I needed from a Necron and Knights starter set. I trundled down to Nathan's store and picked up the Chronomancer. I then painted them in a scheme inspired by the Time Lords from Dr Who.  I got out my first edition team of Howling Griffons. I needed to make some changes to some of the models to make sure they are compatible with the rules. There are confusing pictures of the Griffons with some showing their colours reversed to this patten. I have been working on my Sons of Medusa team. I have found some extra models to give me some more options. I am also experimenting with shaded undercoats Here are the ones that are ready to go on the table. I have lost one of the assault Intercessors so I will paint another. I also started making some bad guys. I got a legionaries boxed set from Nathan. I decided that I would pick a legion or warband where it would make sense for the legion mem

Battlefleet Gothic - which end of the ship is the front?

The Club had an open day on Saturday. I got to play a casual game of Battle Fleet Gothic. I took my Imperial fleet out for a spin. Some of these ships have not left port in 20 years. I have 4 cruisers with 2 firestorm escorts. All my ship bases have names. I wrote these on with a white marker pen. If I do more, especially for the Chaos Fleet I think I will create the names and stick them on. The first ship in the formation is The Mars Cruiser, Imperial Endeavour, flanked by the Dominator class cruisers Human Enterprise and Marathon Triumphant. Admiral Akrell was in overall command of the fleet, and his flag was aboard the Dictator Cruiser, Eternal Vigilance.   Sensor pings showed several enemy captial ships approaching. Range over 120,000 Kilometers and closing. One of the ships spawned several small dots marking it as a carrier. These were flanked by two wolfpacks of escorts. With the range counting down inside 100,000 kilometres the Imperial ships opened fire with their Nova cannons.

Kill Team - Chaos Space Marine Legionnaires.

I played Daniel in a game of Kill team. He was using an Ultramarine Intercession squad. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try out my new Word Bearers team. I bought this from Nathan's shop over the Christmas Holidays. The Word Bearers are great because they can belong to any of the Chaos Gods. The Meta seems to favour Nurgle. I liked the abilities Tzeentch gives so I gave that mark to my 4 shooters and Mark of Undivided for my Melee fighters. Getting a reroll when the enemy is within 6 inches is going to be useful if you only have 6 in range weapons. Here is a heavy gunner, Warrior and the Shrive Talon on one side. Here is my Chosen and the Plasma Gunner, in addition I have a Balefire Acolyte for some Warp powered support.  Here we are part way through the first turning point. The Acolyte had buffed the heavy bolter, who then moved around the corner and shot two of the Intercessors down to 1HP. I was initially disappointed not to have killed one of them, but Tzeentch kne

Stargrave - Inquisition season 2 - Jail Break

 "Prisoner transfer from AA23 to docking bay 94 first thing in the morning." Chella's partner Drix Nomax, had been captured by the cult. While we could not determine where he was being held, we had managed to intercept a communication indicating he was being transferred to a shuttle for shipment off planet. We had to hit the transfer right on the apron. Fortunately, we had been able to hire a mercenary captain to fly us out of there after we had recovered Drix. (or not) Chella insisted on being part of the team which was fine because we needed Williams to fly our ship to the rendezvous point. In keeping with tradition Inquistor Rathbourne failed to make contact with his informer network and did not get a bribe token. Here is an overview of the situation. The prisoner and his quartet of guards have just emerged from the security tower in the bottom right. The are going to move to the ship in the bottom left. The ambush force are spread out around the middle. First we need

Stargrave - Inquisition Season 2 -The Great Maglev Heist

So, here we are packed into a grav sled speeding alongside this maglev train. We need to board the train, make our way to the carriage containing Chella Rand and rescue her. The train will likely have loads of cultists in need of a good purging. We need to leave no witnesses of who did this. Everyone has an emergency grav chute in case they fall off the train. Turn 1 We need to suppress the defence drones that are guarding the train and the board. Pierce the sniper misses a drone Rybeck kills a drone Inquisitor Rathbourne inspires himself. Rybeck and Rathbourne board the train Rumzen and Williams leap aboard the lead car, Rumzen unlocks the hatch. It turns out this car is occupied by four cultists who are smoking Obscura. Williams then chucks in a grenade. This kills two of them. The two surviving cultists, fire back at Williams but he ducks behind the hatch and they miss. Bekka the Runner and Sugden combine to take down another drone. Tiberius releases Bob so he can provide some remot