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Inquisitor and retinue exploring the underhive

I have been building an Inquistor and his small retinue to go with my Adeptus Mechanicus and or Imperial knights when I expand the army to 1750 points. With Pete organising the Fields of Blood tournament at the end of the year at 1750 points I suspect this will become the default points values for games at the warlords. I bought the set of walls for the Necromunda boards from Death Ray Designs. I received a big pile of MDF from Canada. The pieces are very nicely cut and just about fall out of the boards when you pick them up. There are three pieces, columns single end walls and double length walls. There are a number of different wall panel variations including doors and vents. The walls all hook into the columns so you get a robust layout of walls. Here is a WIP of my Inquisitor and his retinue standing next to some of the panels I made. I have the Inquisitor waving his sword a pistol the Astropath staring at his magic 8 ball of wisdom 4 Crusaders liberated fro

The Robot with the golden gun

I have been doing some work on Kastellans number 5 and 6. I have painted them gold like the Cylon centurions. This is a mix of airbrushed and brush on Vallejo metal copper and gold. The gold is slightly green looking gold. I am debating on adding some silver edge highlighting around the top edges of the armour panels. These can then lead the units or form a unit of their own to guard the sacred bionics of the Tech Priest. I had problems with the snow mix. It looked really cool but had the consistency of real snow and so fell off the bases at just the lightest touch. So too much realism and not enough robustness and the Terrain Tutor said. So I slapped on a layer of white paint and will now go over them with a layer of snow flock.

Painting some support characters or adding some chunks to my soup

Over the long weekend I got inspired to paint some support characters for my Imperial forces. I have made an Inquisition and Astra Telepathica Supreme Command detachment. This seems to be the best way to have an Inquisitor and possibly an assassin or two in your Imperial army. There isn't a way I can see to make an army out of some of the more interesting units on the fringes of the Imperium. I have some Raging Heroes, some Hasslefree and some GW models (that woke up in the wrong universe. What do you mean I am in the army now? Here are some pictures. I like how the orange leather coat on the inquisitor is turning out.

Giant Killer Robots

This is Weta's new board wargame. You pilot a giant war robot and up to 3 remotes. You then pick weapons, movement and special action cards to make a deck of 25 cards. This allows a high degree of variability even if you use the same robot for several games. There are a number of different pilots each with their own abilities. As you move and fight you take damage. Your 25 card deck reduces as you take damage. You don't get to see which cards you discarded so your damage may not become apparent for a turn or two unit you realise that your comm unit has been shot away and you can't call for drones or your primary weapons are offline when you cycle your deck and don't draw any weapon cards. The objective of the game is to tag buildings for your corporate sponsor. The paint must be mixed with semtex because the building falls down when it has been tagged 4 times. Maybe giant robots are not the most delicate painters? We played a 4 player game and it was loads of fun.