Giant Killer Robots

This is Weta's new board wargame. You pilot a giant war robot and up to 3 remotes. You then pick weapons, movement and special action cards to make a deck of 25 cards. This allows a high degree of variability even if you use the same robot for several games.

There are a number of different pilots each with their own abilities. As you move and fight you take damage. Your 25 card deck reduces as you take damage. You don't get to see which cards you discarded so your damage may not become apparent for a turn or two unit you realise that your comm unit has been shot away and you can't call for drones or your primary weapons are offline when you cycle your deck and don't draw any weapon cards.

The objective of the game is to tag buildings for your corporate sponsor. The paint must be mixed with semtex because the building falls down when it has been tagged 4 times. Maybe giant robots are not the most delicate painters?

We played a 4 player game and it was loads of fun.


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