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Hobby update - fun with Polystyrene making an alien landscape

Sometimes it feels like you can do a lot of Hobby time and not produce anything. Progress sometimes is incremental and then all of a sudden you finish quite a few things. So definitely an incremental week. Alan Richard Thomas and I are organising our game for out club's convention, Call To Arms. We have been doing Zombies or at least we were until the Covid Apocalypse swept across the world. So we are going to play a Scifi corporate wars scenario. Rumours of extra terrestrial life are just that. Anything that gets in the way of scientific progress or resource exploitation is to be swatted like bugs. I have my company exec, a specialist project manager from Acquisitions, and his support team almost ready to go. I ordered some 3d prints from Shapeways and got hit with 15% tax. The reach of our government is growing longer. Maybe they are following the old Yes Minister strategy and going with "A tax is the best form of defence". I bought myself the FLG Asteroid

Kill Team - Purging the Thousand Sons.

We had another club meeting today. I got in a game of Kill Team. Thomas brought out his Thousand Sons. I used the Fire Hawks and we threw down in a dungeon arena setting. My vanguard veteran with jump pack proved to be the clincher. He allowed me to fly down the board and get old of a second objective on turn 1. This allowed me to gain 3 points for holding 2 objectives and more and this put Thomas on the back foot from the start of the game. Its interesting that the tighter confines of the Arena missions place more emphasis on movement. You can't just shuffle forwards and fire all over the board. We were also talking about the new edition. It looks like a tinker. I think this is a missed opportunity to go to a more interactive turn sequence. The IgoUgo turn sequence is a core part of the rules that is 30 years old and it feels really old compared to more modern games. It's also made worse by the increasing lethality of the weapons and the lack of terrain. Many games are de

Kill Team - a real live opponent

New Zealand is returning to normal, we are now down to 1 active case in a country of 5.2 million people. My local wargaming club had it's first meeting since 23 March. Alan and I tried out a game of Kill Team. Just to get in some practice of rolling dice. I used the Flawless Host while Alan used a Deathwatch team of 5 Intercessors, supported by the recent inductee Brother Knuckles from the Doomfarers. Turn 1 is very peaceful with both sides running out of the deployment zones and into the middle. There was no shooting or fighting so the turn was over quick.  Turn 2 both sides continued their advance.  The Flawless host moves onto one of the deathwatch objectives and one of their marines moves up to block the door.  The Flawless Host marine makes 3 out of 3 rolls to keep the door closed.  There is some shooting in turn 2, the chaos marine on the objective survives with a flesh wound. Victory points are now 4-2 in favour of the Flawess Host. Turn 3