Hobby update, Sons of Death, Crusaders and Inquisition

Since my Saga game last weekend I have been painting a unit of mercenary warriors, they can be either Sons of Death or Vagrant Warriors.

This gives me a hard hitting unit of expendable mercenaries who can take out an enemy linchpin unit probably at the expense of their own lives.

I have also been finishing off my unit of Crusaders. These are devout warriors of the Emperor and it purely coincidental that they look like gladiators released from the pits to fight for the Inquisition.

I also got a figure of Inquisitor Eisenhorn. I have started work on him. I need to find a suitable model for the Daemonhost Cherubael who is one of the last of Eisenhorn's companions now that he has been declared diabolis and expelled from the inquisition.

I have tried painting the eyes on these models and it is hard work. I definitely think that painting the face and eyes early in the model is the way to go if you want to do it. Then, if you make a mistake its easy to correct without destroying work you have already completed.


  1. I agree with the faces challenge John. I have never been able to go in and paint eyes after doing everything else...

    I take a paint from the inside to the outside approach.


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