Hobby update, 40K, terrain and Saga Normans

After a game of DBA a couple of weeks ago I got inspired to paint some more historical models. With the release of the new Saga rules and Viking age book now is the time to get back into some gaming. Alan is painting his Vikings, this got me inspired to paint some of my own. I have dug out my Norman models. I have some knights to paint and can supplement some units from my Military Orders army.

The Normans will also do double duty as Crusaders, the first crusaders looked very like Normans who conquered England and Italy 30 years earlier.

I have also been making some bases for my Executioner marines. I bought some Adeptus Mechanicus bases from GW and have been painting them with a mix of artists acrylics and inks over a silver base coat. The artist acrylics can be wiped off the silver paint with a damp sponge. This gives a nice easy way to get an aged metal look.

Here are my Adeptus Mechanicus Arquebusiers. These guys can pick off enemy characters with their Transuranic 50 caliber Barrett rifles. 

I have also been working on some scratch built terrain. I got inspired by the idea of post apocalyptic style buildings made from tubular fittings kind of like space station modules or large fluid storage cylinders. Its nice to make some scratch built terrain. Its got complete design freedom. Fortunately I have some large plastic containers from medicine and protein powders. So with a minimum of additional detailing and some internal fittings I have some nice comfortable post apocalypse dwelling.

 The bigger container is a multi story building. Each story is detachable so it needs some floors and some windows cut into it and some stairs going up the back slope to get to the second floor. I then need to work out where to place the stairs to go up to the upper room.

The smaller hab is a cylinder with some flooring from ice block sticks. I might cut some windows into it.


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