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Spider Tank, Spider Tank

I have been assembling my latest shipment of Adeptus Mechanicus. My son Luke really likes this model and because it has been assembled with the weapons magnetised and the legs are adjustable he thinks its a toy and wants to play with it with his action figures. The poor thing wont last 5 minutes in that kind of environment. Luke also wants to advise me on how to paint my tank.  Based on his taste, it will end up looking like it comes from a super hero movie. So I have given Luke a Dreadnought from a 40K starter set and he is OK with painting that. The model is currently depicted with the eradication beamer, probably not something I will use much. But it's luke's favourite weapon and he knows how to change the weapons. I think I will probably use the Neutron I have been making some Adeptus Mechanicus tokens, these can cover the canticles, the warlord traits and the dogma's. I forgot a couple of them so I need to make some more. Here is my tech priest Dominus. He

Hobby update

I got in quite a bit of hobby progress last week. My War of the Roses Stanley retinue took some steps forwards. they are an ideal kind of unit because many of the colours I am going to paint on other units can go on them as well. I do need to get out the Khaki colours this week to do some of the natural fabrics.  The orange and green colours are down on them to give them their livery. they also got a coat of Steel. I got some of the Vallejo air metallic colours and they are great. I thank Vince Venturella for his advocacy for these paints they are great either through the airbrush or via the brush. They will get some brighter metallic colours soon because I will also be using them on my adeptus mechanicus models.  Here are my Skitarii painted up in the colours of Stygies 8. I also got done some progress on their bases. I am going for rocks and snow on the bases. So by next meeting these should be on bases and looking better. Here are some more rec

Wargame of the Roses

I have been doing some work on my Stanley family retinue. We now have several people that are interested in participating at our club. These are my Retinue billmen and archers. So they have orange and green livery on their surcoats.

Magnetise all weapons

I have been magetising the weapons on my knights. This allows me to make use of more weapon options from the knight warden kit. You get 4 weapons but only 2 weapon mounts. It also allows me to swap the weapons around on the knights. This also makes the knights easier to transport because I can take them to bits meaning they take up less space and have less fragile sticking out bits that could get broken off. One thing I have noticed is that this edition seems much more about combos rather than the abilities of individual units. You can now design an army around a captain librarian and their terminator bodyguard all arriving at the same time and in exactly the right place. Most characters have aura effects that improve the abilities of nearby units, again the bigger the unit the bigger the benefit. Stratagems can also be used to ramp up the power level. because they affect a whole unit, they encourage big units. One of the stratagems allows you to select a unit and deploy it at th

40K Knights March to War

My Knights got in their second game today. It was a short but brutal fight. My Knights were investigating some ancient ruins at the behest of the Adeptus Mechanicus from Stygies 8 when we were ambushed by a formation of Emperors Children. I deployed, with the skill and wisdom of the French King a Agincourt. I was banking on winning the go first roll  and then promptly lost the role to go first. Pete responded by dropping in his prepared combo of terminators daemon prince and sorcerer. He then cast Precience on the terminators giving the +1 to hit and with re-roll 1s from the daemon prince he proceeded to roll 15 out of 16 hits the first time then played his strategy card which allowed him to have another round of shooting. Terminators and possie arriving early for the party. Surprise. Then everyone succeeded in making their charge rolls to assault me. The Daemon prince attached first and scored enough wounds that I was just above the second bracket. My knight struck bac