Hobby update

I got in quite a bit of hobby progress last week.

My War of the Roses Stanley retinue took some steps forwards. they are an ideal kind of unit because many of the colours I am going to paint on other units can go on them as well. I do need to get out the Khaki colours this week to do some of the natural fabrics.
 The orange and green colours are down on them to give them their livery. they also got a coat of Steel. I got some of the Vallejo air metallic colours and they are great. I thank Vince Venturella for his advocacy for these paints they are great either through the airbrush or via the brush.

They will get some brighter metallic colours soon because I will also be using them on my adeptus mechanicus models.

 Here are my Skitarii painted up in the colours of Stygies 8.

I also got done some progress on their bases. I am going for rocks and snow on the bases. So by next meeting these should be on bases and looking better.

Here are some more recruits. I found that the getting started box is great value. If you want the Dune Strider, you are effectively getting the tech priest and Skitarii for about 6 pounds. I bought a tech priest and an infantry squad separately and effectively missed out on the free tank.

I also found some old servitors. I can now only have 2 out of the 4 models with heavy weapons, but they make a very cheap way to get an elite unit. I am magnetising their weapons so I can change them out.


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