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Holiday Hobby update

I had a good break over the Christmas and New Year. I had almost 4 weeks of hobby time so its an excellent time to get to work on some terrain projects. I can then work on them for several days in a row. I built a quarry themed layout. This is inspired by those BBC shows like Doctor Who or Blakes 7 that were on a tight budget for outdoor sets. This could also be useful for pulp shows. This is made from layers of polystyrene. I didn't have enough for solid contours so its hollow.  This layout also uses ideas from train layouts so I can contour the roads around the hill. The cliffs are made from pieces of plaster rock texture. Sticking these to the polystyrene layers was a real pain and took ages to dry and stick. Its then blended together with a thin layer of plaster textured with an old toothbrush. This picture is after a first coat of paint. since this I got in another coat of paint and some shades on the rock faces. I also got inspired by the lava tube terrain on the crooked dice

7TV - Generic Archeologist and the Holy Grail

 Alan and I got in another game of 7TV on New Years Eve. I got to use some of my new Pulp models. Here is my crew, I have an Intrepid Adventurer a Rugged Veteran supported by an Army unit, a VIP and a Comedy Mechanic. Here is the table I created. This is some terrain I made a few years ago when we were playing Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.  In this episode, von Zoyten a Nazi occult scientist has stolen the Holy Grail from the US Government before it could be safely secured. Now he has raced into an ancient hidden deep in the Jungle. Superpowering the Grail would allow the creation of an army of immortal super soldiers.  Idaho Smith and his stalwart band set off in pursuit. They raced through the jungle to ambush the Nazi's before they can complete their ritual. Here is the Major and the soldiers.  Here is Idaho, the veteran and the backup force of the VIP and the comic relief. Alans gang of local freedom fighters and assorted villains. Alan's team run forwards onto the central