7TV - Generic Archeologist and the Holy Grail

 Alan and I got in another game of 7TV on New Years Eve. I got to use some of my new Pulp models.

Here is my crew, I have an Intrepid Adventurer a Rugged Veteran supported by an Army unit, a VIP and a Comedy Mechanic.
Here is the table I created. This is some terrain I made a few years ago when we were playing Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. 

In this episode, von Zoyten a Nazi occult scientist has stolen the Holy Grail from the US Government before it could be safely secured. Now he has raced into an ancient hidden deep in the Jungle. Superpowering the Grail would allow the creation of an army of immortal super soldiers. 

Idaho Smith and his stalwart band set off in pursuit. They raced through the jungle to ambush the Nazi's before they can complete their ritual.

Here is the Major and the soldiers. 

Here is Idaho, the veteran and the backup force of the VIP and the comic relief.
Alans gang of local freedom fighters and assorted villains.
Alan's team run forwards onto the central hill
The Heros take their "here comes the cavalry" free move
The army unit move forwards and adopt the strategy of "if in doubt grenade it out" The initial salvo kills off three extras.
Von Zoyten attacks and kills of one of the privates Singh.
The rest of Alan's crew kill off the rest of my army detachment apart from the commanding officer. That's 7 extra's killed off in one go.
More extras die and my veteran ends up in combat with Alan's squad leader. I put down a thick blanket of smoke to cover several of Alan's models so they could not shoot or move next time they are on screen. My officer shot down one of the rebels. 
Von Zoyten moves back and engages my veteran. He was about the only model Alan could move this turn because of my gadget.

My cigar smoking veteran finishes off one of Alan's henchmen, He has the ability to shrug off wounds and this kept him alive for several turns. The evil temptation of the Grail momentarily because too much and he becomes transfixed.
Idaho has flanked around the back of the building and has now shot down the villainous VIP and the Rugged veteran felled the henchmen. Von Zoyten has eliminated the army Captain. Idaho grabbed the veteran and he snapped out Grail greed.
Von Zoyten and Idaho square off in a whip vs sword fight.
The Comedic Sidekick and the VIP stand waiting for their cup of team. Private Singh arrives back on set with some tea.
A massive explosion knocks everyone down and people get wounded. The Rebel leader also joins in the fight.
The three stars continue the fight Idaho gets stabbed, but then Von Zoyten's crew get axed. (failed a bottle test) and the game is over. This last rolled changed the game result to a victory for Idaho and co. Even though we didn't get the grail.


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