Holiday Hobby update

I had a good break over the Christmas and New Year. I had almost 4 weeks of hobby time so its an excellent time to get to work on some terrain projects. I can then work on them for several days in a row.

I built a quarry themed layout. This is inspired by those BBC shows like Doctor Who or Blakes 7 that were on a tight budget for outdoor sets. This could also be useful for pulp shows. This is made from layers of polystyrene. I didn't have enough for solid contours so its hollow. 

This layout also uses ideas from train layouts so I can contour the roads around the hill. The cliffs are made from pieces of plaster rock texture. Sticking these to the polystyrene layers was a real pain and took ages to dry and stick. Its then blended together with a thin layer of plaster textured with an old toothbrush.
This picture is after a first coat of paint. since this I got in another coat of paint and some shades on the rock faces.
I also got inspired by the lava tube terrain on the crooked dice site. I made some out of plaster molds. The first batch were a bit defective because I made the plaster too liquid so it would flow into the mold. The second batch I was able to make taller by refining the mold.
Being a big fan of Aliens I could not resist one of these. Its a nice toy and I plan on converting it to look more like those from to movie. There are several videos on how to do this. 
Here is a mansion from Sarrissa Precision. this will make a great objective for Dr Who games or for Pulp games where the sacred relics have been moved back to the heroes home base. 
This is an Imperial Bunker from Battle Kiwi. This will make a great objective building for all sorts of games.
In another part of the back lots of my terrain workshop here is my tropical village from Sarrissa. This is a nice set and I can use the Terrain Tutor videos for inspiration. All the buildings come with raised floors so the bases have been covered in a mix of sand and mixed herbs for some ground texture.


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