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Hobby Update - Into the Dark

After getting inspired at the Kill Team event, I bought an Into the Dark Box from Alan. There are all sorts of examples of how people have painted this terrain set. I got inspired by seeing Alan paint his in shades of green, this resembles the view through light amplification goggles.  I decided to paint my set in the red emergency lighting you see in submarines, aircraft cockpits and some spacecraft (especially those in Red Alert status). Here is an inspiration picture. Here is an early WIP shot. Here was the set laid out for its first game. The lights and screens are painted white and Pale yellow and then washed with yellow contrast paint. The terrain is painted Red and highlighted with shades or orange and yellow. It kind of matches some of the colours on the floor. I think this has gone a bit too far into the orange so I might go back and increase the red shades with some red ink or contrast paint. I need to go back over all of the pieces and check for bits that need some more work

Kill Team - Game 4

I got to play my first game against Fellgor Ravagers. I mistook them for a team that would be easy to kill in combat and that I would be able to get multiple kills in one activation. I took a mixed Nurgle and Khorne team. in the opening activation. I moved my Acolyte up, opened the door and then fireblased down the corridor. This Frenzied two beastmen and badly wounded a third. This turned out to be my high water mark. The Beastmen then managed to kill the Acolyte.  My Butcher and Chosen died in the room on the right taking out one and a half beastmen. So not a good trade. Not helped by the fact that the beastman champion spiked his plasma pistol shot and I forgot I had the item that  reduces attack dice within three inches. The Plasma gunner tried to move up and get rid of the frenzied beastmen. I should have just closed the door. I did get rid of him but got wounded in the process.  I should have pulled back and gone into the room on the left to threaten the sorcerer. My Icon bearer

Kill Team Game 3 Into the Dark

I played my first game of Into the Dark. I was up against Ed and his Veteran Guardsmen. I had managed to squeak out a win last time. That was outside rather than in the close confines of a space hulk. I used an all Nurgle team. I tried out the flamer. This is during the first turn. The room on the left became a room of death for anyone that entered. We both have the same security objectives My Acolyte charged a couple of guardsmen. This was one of several double kill opportunities that I didn't managed to get. I failed to kill the guardsmen with my first attack and then overkilled him with my second attack. I then had to fight Ed's hardened veteran and took more damage than I wanted to. Ed moved his demolition agent and blew up my Shrivetalon and flamer. Both marines survived thanks to Nurgle abilities and I had indomitable in play. The Flamer moved up and tried to burn down two guardsmen but failed. the Shrivetalon then charged the demolition veteran and killed him but then fa

Kill Team - Game 2

In the second game I played, I was up against Elucidian Star Striders. I took team smelly and used all Nurgle marked Legionaries. The table felt fairly open so long range shooting might be useful. It took me some time to get over the fact that one of the Marines was going to die to the orbital lance strike. But once I accepted that there was nothing I could do about it, I settled down to kill the Rogue Trader crew. Here we are advancing. We have taken security objectives so all we need to do is to get to the middle of the table. The central container contained all the rolls of toilet paper we stole from Terra 40,000 years ago. The StarStriders are lurking into the ruined buildings. The Rotator cannon gunner got blasted by my heavy gunner.  The Icon Bearer moved up and tore the poor little doggie to bits with his tainted rounds. Elucindia and her personal physician move up to oppose this push. The legionaries got the initiative and the Icon bearer then moved up, used Disgusting Aura to

Kill team - Open Play

 Alan organised a 2 day Kill Team event. We used the Johnsonville Community Hub. This was a great chance to meet some of the people that play but are not members of Warlords. This is what the hall looked like filled with happy gamers. I took my Legionary team along. I was playing Connor and his Navy Breacher team. The Breachers had almost no long range firepower so I took a team all marked with Khorne. Here are my team. I was the attacker. Here are the Breachers. Connor had the Endurant on an engage order so he could protect the others. However this created a beacon which could be targetted in the midst of a group of models on conceal orders. The opening Salvo was a frag missile into the middle of the clump of models, this took out the two specialist robots and wounded two breachers. The Endurant was unharmed, at least until he encountered the plasma gunner. A quick blast of maximal power and the Endurant was reduced to a pile of blistered meat. The backblast damaged the gunner. The re