Kill team - Open Play

 Alan organised a 2 day Kill Team event. We used the Johnsonville Community Hub. This was a great chance to meet some of the people that play but are not members of Warlords.

This is what the hall looked like filled with happy gamers.
I took my Legionary team along.
I was playing Connor and his Navy Breacher team. The Breachers had almost no long range firepower so I took a team all marked with Khorne. Here are my team. I was the attacker.
Here are the Breachers. Connor had the Endurant on an engage order so he could protect the others. However this created a beacon which could be targetted in the midst of a group of models on conceal orders.
The opening Salvo was a frag missile into the middle of the clump of models, this took out the two specialist robots and wounded two breachers. The Endurant was unharmed, at least until he encountered the plasma gunner. A quick blast of maximal power and the Endurant was reduced to a pile of blistered meat. The backblast damaged the gunner. The rest of the team are moving up.
The Breachers are moving up looking to loot some of the objectives.
The Butcher runs forward reving his huge chainaxe.
Khorne legionaries are ideally set up for a turn two assault with perpetual aggression, fight twice and +1 damage the Breachers could be killed in one hit.
The Shrive Talon survived a demolition charge to the head and ran off to kill some more breachers. The plasma gunner walked over and shot the breacher but burned himself badly. The Butcher ate one Breacher and ran over to the Shrive Talon and the promise of more people to kill. The Chosen of Khorne had fallen to the shotguns and hatchets of the Breachers. 
The Breacher Gunner has frantically fallen back from the Shrive Talon in an attempt to delay the inevitable.
At the end of turn two we had run out of Breachers and the Legionaries were victorious.


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