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Necromunda - start of the Underhive campaign

 A group of us have started a Necromunda campaign down at the Warlords. I am trying out a Corpse Grinders gang. These are what happens when the meat workers start going crazy. Necromunda is a simple game once you get the models on the table however the campaign rules are anything but simple. Now the rules are scattered over about 7 books and the rules have been changed between books.  So we spent considerable time setting up our gangs. Richard and I played a game, we created a simple mission staking out an unclaimed territory. I didn't claim it so I don't remember exactly what it was. This is Richard Orlock gang advancing across the zone, there are some rickety walkways over the acid pools. There are Orlocks, thousands of them. Richard had a stratagem that allowed him to pick up three free Juves. Apparently, carrying an inductrial meat cutting sword, a pistol and a bronze butcher helmet means you blend in with the other solid citizens. My Initiates have the infiltrate skill so

Call to Arms: Really ancient gaming

One of the other large events we had at call to arms was the ancient wargaming event DBMM. This has been a popular period for the Warlords for as long as I can remember.  These are big armies with a lot of figures and some larger models like wagons, elephants or artillery.  This army even brings its own food trucks to the battle.

Call to Arms: Aeronautica Imperialis - Its for the Greater Good

We played a second mission, this time the Tau attacking an Imperial installation. The Tau have some great looking planes and even look like a SciFi faction rather than WW1 or 2 planes with more skulls. This is the Tau Strike Force. I was the escort command of three fighters. Its hard to escort bombers that are faster than you. The Tau have giant railguns and ion cannons. The Tau models are Alans and they look very nice. These are the Imperials, they have loads of planes and ground defences. I was used to ground defences being a bit rubbish in first edition but these were quite dangerous. The Tau mission was to blow up two of the three buildings. Alan's attack wing splits out to the right and drops down to altitude 1. Zane's squad swings left and I stay high in the middle because the Thunderbolts look a bit more dangerous. We start mixing it up with the Thunderbolts and it looks like one has already gone down. Alan's group is engaging the Lightnings and a Thunderbolt Zane

Call to Arms Team Yankee

Russell was running his Team Yankee WW3. These games look spectacular with huge swarms of Helicopters buzzing about. Russell was using his East Germans. This is their base area, you can tell because its full of Russian built AFVs. This is the NATO defenders base area, you can tell because its full of Warshaw Pact Frontal aviation. Some more great looking tables packed full of armoured vehicles. Some

Call to Arms -Aeronautica Imperialis: Those magnificent men in their flying machines

 They go upty up up and downty down down. (usually in flames or scattered over a wide area) Thomas, Alan, Richard and I played a coupe of games of Aeronautica. This isn't a game we have payed in a long time so it was a great chance to play a different game. Many of us have nostalgia or a large collection of models from the first edition. The first mission had some noble Imperial flyers ambushed by some vile Orks. Here are the Imperial pilots on patrol, this is a mixed formation of Lightnings and Thunderbolts. The Imperial pilots are preparing their break turns. Sneaking up behind the Imperial are a multi coloured horde of Orks. Beware of the Waargh in the sun. The Thunderbolts have cranked around into a hard turn. On reflection this was a rookie move, I should have broken long and used a half loop to turn about and have more distance between me and the Orks. I did manage to climb above the Orks, where they could not easily follow. This also saved me from a number of hits The lighti

Call To Arms Saga

Last weekend the Warlords held our annual convention Call to Arms. We had about 115 participants playing in a number of different events and participation games. This year the Saga tournament has 12 people. This was divided into two pools of 6, each pool playing either Age of Crusades or Age of Vikings. Here are some photos from that event. The games looked like a mix of skirmishing, especially with Irish and Welsh and some axe to the face games with Pagan Rus and Vikings.