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Skitarii vanguard, crusaders and assassins

I have been painting some more units my my Skitarii army. I have a unit of Vanguard and Inquisitor Rathbourne's retinue got some more work done. I just need to finish the snow and the base edges Here is the Eversor assassin, he is looking ready to shred through more heretics. I have some more work to do on the sword. The Crusaders are coming along nicely I have some more work to do on the gold and the leather straps.

War of the Roses Stanleys

We had our first game of the War of the Roses DBA period we have started down at the club. I have made my army into the Stanley's they fought for both the Yourkist and Lancastrian faction and were instrumental in starting the line of Tudor Kings. I has been ages since I painted historical miniatures so these were quite different compared to painting the GW models from the Warhammer or 40K ranges. The weapons are much smaller than GW. The banners are paper. Much easier now to find them on the internet, or you get them in the box which is even better. I have a cannon the retinue bowmen and retinue billmen and some knights and cavalry. Now I am off to make some tents into a camp.

Recovering xenos technology is not without its risks

I got in a game down at the club on Saturday. I tried out a new list which did not have any knights. I had a 1750 point list that was mostly Stygies 8 Adeptus Mechanicus who were being supervised by Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord Rathbourne and his retinue. Who better to ensure that the Adepts don't bring back something too dangerous? While searching some ancient ruins for valuable artifacts, the Adepts were attacked by the Emperors Children warband led by Challis Drant, the purple winged Daemon Prince had set up a trap in a pair of adjacent ruined towers. Keeping most of his heavy hitters in reserve the Daemon baited his trap with a horde of screaming cultists. These lunatics formed a picket line while the Noise Marines sheltered in their Rhino transports. The Emperors Children drop in, their warp talons supported by the sorcerer. The Noise Marines climb into the buildings and two units of obliterators drop into the tower on the left. The sorcerer then casts warp time on the

Terrain what is it good for?

Terrain often has been described as the third army of the wargame. Having a set of nice terrain makes the game a lot more immersive. Terrain is also essential for the game experience especially where the game uses true line of sight to determine whether models can interact. Terrain also adds to the puzzle of the game. Units need to move to secure high ground for good fields of fire but waving a flag on top of a hill can also attract unwanted attention. Historically armies have used terrain to their advantage. The Spartans fought the numerically superior Persian empire in a narrow pass nullifying the numerical advantages and allowing the qualitative superiority of the Greek Hopilites to achieve maximum advantage. Regardless of the terrain theme you are picking you still need many of the same types of terrain. The them determines how you depict the terrain. Star wars is a great example of themed terrain sets. You have desert worlds, forest worlds, desert worlds, ice worlds and heav