Recovering xenos technology is not without its risks

I got in a game down at the club on Saturday. I tried out a new list which did not have any knights. I had a 1750 point list that was mostly Stygies 8 Adeptus Mechanicus who were being supervised by Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord Rathbourne and his retinue.

Who better to ensure that the Adepts don't bring back something too dangerous?

While searching some ancient ruins for valuable artifacts, the Adepts were attacked by the Emperors Children warband led by Challis Drant, the purple winged Daemon Prince had set up a trap in a pair of adjacent ruined towers. Keeping most of his heavy hitters in reserve the Daemon baited his trap with a horde of screaming cultists. These lunatics formed a picket line while the Noise Marines sheltered in their Rhino transports.

The Emperors Children drop in, their warp talons supported by the sorcerer. The Noise Marines climb into the buildings and two units of obliterators drop into the tower on the left.

The sorcerer then casts warp time on the talons and the bounce forwards to assault the Kastellan robots acting as the vanguard of the Stygies 8 force.

Shooting kills two of the robots but their forcefields reflected back 3 mortal wounds killing an Obliterator.

The Mechanicus start their counter attack.
The Transuanic arquebus kill the sorcerer after he suffered a perils of the warp.

The Eversor assassin arrives and kills the raptors. The Infiltrators being played by Cybermen kindly supplied by warlord games assaulted the cultists. The inquisitors Crusaders added their efforts and tore a huge hole in the cultist unit.

Pete then spent two command points to autopass the cultists morale test.

Pete then brought the daemon prices out to play. They then assaulted the robots and the cybermen. the assassin heroically intervened, the cultists played the tide of traitors stratagem and so reappeared at the right flank of the mechanicus force.

In the shooting phase the noise marines killed off the crusaders with a volley from their sonic blasters.

In the fight phase, the purple daemon prince killed one of the robot the other inflicted 6 wounds back on the daemon prince. The orange daemon prince killed the Eversor assassin (later I remembered that this should not have happened because the Eversor was not the target of the charge he can't be attacked. However this saved the cybermen who then ran off to grab an objective.

The cultists had been engaging the inquisitor and the kataphron destroyers and were being ground down.

While all this close combat was going on in the middle of the table, loads of shooting occurred. The  Purple  Daemon Prince was smited to death by the inquisitor who rolled an 11. The orange Daemon prince was shot to death by the dune crawler with Icarus array.  The Dune Crawler with the Eradication beamer shot down one unit of obliterators and reduced one of the noise marine units to only 2 models.

At this point we had to finish the game. It's a bot difficult to extrapolate the result but the war of attrition was favouring the mechanicus. The cultists would have gone soon and that would have freed up the kataphrons to shoot down the noise marines in the building or the obliterators while the rhino was taken care of by the eradication beamer.

Inquisitor Rathbourne might have succumbed to his wounds while fighting the cultists.

All in all a good game. Lots of learnings to take from the game and lots of fun.


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