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The Lords of Night

Several years ago, probably 10 I bought a squad of chaos space marines and the Night Lord upgrade kit. That provided several metal shoulder pads and winged helmets, I also got a metal Chaos Lord. I now have nine night lord models. This week I have been reading the book Red Tithe, it features a battle between the Carcharodons and the Night Lords in a prison colony. So I found some deck plate moldings I made from a press mold from Basix. this gives me a variety of deck textures to make into bases. I glued the GW bases to the baked Sculpy sheets and then clipped it roughly to shape. Now I have a Night Lord Kill team ready to hunt people in a prison - mine complex. I also assembled and got some base colours on my Necromunda enforcers. This week will be some more colours on them.  Next up is painting my Zombie Survivors for Alan's zombie apocalypse game.

Kill team update

I have been having loads of fun making more kill teams. I got some should pads from Chapter Customiser. They are great for providing chapter symbols for lesser known chapters. You can either get whole shoulder pads or you can get just the symbols to stick on existing pads from Shape Ways. Chapter Customizer also make transfer sheets for space marine shoulder pads in black. this is great for chapters that have a bright colour scheme. This is much easier and looks better than my efforts to paint over the GW white transfers. Some Decal Softener makes them fit better to the curve of the shoulder. I have now built a kill team for Star Phantoms Fire Hawks Executioners Sons of Medusa Mantis Warriors I have also built an Ork Kill team out of models from one of the old starter boxes. I have painted up some Chaos Space Marines for Kill Teams. The Orks and Chaos Marines make great denizens of the Maelstrom for the Badab Wars. I think making kill teams are

Hunting for Eldar Corsairs

I got in a game of Battlefleet Gothic down a the Warlords today. Thomas brought down his Eldar fleet, so I took my Imperial Ships out for a patrol.  I have 4 Imperial cruisers supported by two firestorm escorts. Mars Class Cruiser James T Cook Dominator Cruiser Eternal Vigilance Dominator Cruiser Imperial Endeavour Dictator Cruiser Human Enterprise These names are inspired by the ships that discovered New Zealand and a nod to Start Trek. So part of the Maelstrom Wardens Squadron is out hunting for raiders near the Maelstrom. Passing close to the Magog star Eldar sensor ghosts are detected by Inferno Squadron. Relaying the information to Admiral Akrill aboard the Endeavour the inexperienced squadron waited for reinforcements Firestorm squadron sheltering behind some asteroids and the cruisers arriving The Eldar raiders were split into two divisions, and emerged from behind another clump of asteroids. The Eldar look like they are trying to encircle the Imp

Going back into space

I have a game of Battle Fleet Gothic coming up next meeting. I have selected my fleet and have gotten the models out for some painting enhancements. I upgraded the paint scheme on several models when we played the BFG campaign last year. I can also use this game to provide some narrative for our Kill Team games. Some wrecks or hulks could lead to some boarding actions which would make great kill team missions. I have also been getting some more shields painted and transfers added on another command worth of Hoplites. These have a mix of LBMS transfers for the Theban clubs and the conventional water slide transfers with more variety of designs from Warlord Games. Warlord provide a sheet or transfers with every box of Hoplites. I need to make up a few more elements of Hoplites, I might do a group with black shields and then use the white transfers. That would give me three different looks for each command. I have also been doing some work painting the Kill team terrain.