Kill team update

I have been having loads of fun making more kill teams. I got some should pads from Chapter Customiser. They are great for providing chapter symbols for lesser known chapters. You can either get whole shoulder pads or you can get just the symbols to stick on existing pads from Shape Ways.

Chapter Customizer also make transfer sheets for space marine shoulder pads in black. this is great for chapters that have a bright colour scheme. This is much easier and looks better than my efforts to paint over the GW white transfers. Some Decal Softener makes them fit better to the curve of the shoulder.

I have now built a kill team for
Star Phantoms
Fire Hawks


Sons of Medusa

Mantis Warriors

I have also built an Ork Kill team out of models from one of the old starter boxes.

I have painted up some Chaos Space Marines for Kill Teams.

The Orks and Chaos Marines make great denizens of the Maelstrom for the Badab Wars.

I think making kill teams are great because you can make a list out of one box of models, they are quick to make and you don't have to build a whole army.


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