The Lords of Night

Several years ago, probably 10 I bought a squad of chaos space marines and the Night Lord upgrade kit. That provided several metal shoulder pads and winged helmets, I also got a metal Chaos Lord. I now have nine night lord models.

This week I have been reading the book Red Tithe, it features a battle between the Carcharodons and the Night Lords in a prison colony.

So I found some deck plate moldings I made from a press mold from Basix. this gives me a variety of deck textures to make into bases. I glued the GW bases to the baked Sculpy sheets and then clipped it roughly to shape. Now I have a Night Lord Kill team ready to hunt people in a prison - mine complex.

I also assembled and got some base colours on my Necromunda enforcers. This week will be some more colours on them. 

Next up is painting my Zombie Survivors for Alan's zombie apocalypse game.


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