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Carnevale - game three

Ed and I played a third game of Carnevale down at the Warlords. We played a corner deployment mission to make sure that there was plenty of space. We also tried 150 points gangs. Here are my troops I have the Doctor of Zoology leading the force as a change. This makes my leader more bashy but has no magic. I also have a Morgue Doctor who has some magic and can potentially bring a character back to life. I played some will transfer shenanigan's and jumped into the water to score three points for my agendas On my left flank I set up a force with my cannoier the lion and a warden to guard the Morgue Doctor Ed's docksiders guild advanced down the canal. Ed was using a gondola to sail down the canals and carry a passenger. I moved my Doctor or Ordnance onto the bridge so he could provide covering fire and make use of the will power of the unleashed madman The Black Lamp managed to dispel some of my Magic and then helpfully moved to stand next to a citizen. This was perfect because m

Hobby update - Carnevale terrain

I have painted my first Carnevale building. I went for a grimy look so I experimented with some MIG streak and grime.  This was my experience of Venice, not that I went in the 16th century. Venice wasn't quite a toxic cesspool but you didn't want to trail your hands in the canals in case your skin fell off. Here is the building, The roof and each floor can be removed and could be placed on other buildings of the same size. I put a coat of Satin spray varnish between the paint layer and the streak and grime and this helped with wiping the grime off. The streak and grime does a good job of flowing into the lines in the MDF to highlight the brickwork. I also painted the interiors, for some of the larger buildings entire games could take place inside a building. I also have grimed up my Sarrissa Precision habitation Pod, I added some pipes out of paper straws. I think I will add some interior frames for things like equipment racks or bunk beds or workstations. I think I will order

Carnevale - game 2 street rumble

Ed, Thomas and I got together and had another game of Carnevale. We tried a scenario with objective markers These were weapons cache which provided combat bonuses. You also had to complete at least one agenda before you could score any victory points. Because of the nature of the deployment Ed and I ended up closer to each other. So I ended up in a scrap with the trade guild while Tom's town guard ambled over to break up the riots and arrest any survivors. The whole game definitely had the feel of an encounter taking place one night in Ankh Morepork. Here are my crew. I lost the roll off for the choice of sides and three out of 4 deployment areas were divided by canals, so I ended up with my crew crossing the bridge in parade ground style. With hindsight I should have just sucked it up and started some models in the water next to the edge. Having a conga line of models also determines my order of activation because models can't move through each other. On the other side of the

Hobby update - Carnevale models and some games other people play...... yet

Some of the other ancient members of the Warlords prefer to play large battle games using the DBMM rules.  This looks like some kind of Indian army using its elephants like heavy tanks. This was a cool looking game of Wings of Glory. A large German bomber is making its way across the table and swarms of scouts are escorting and trying to attack it. Its kind of like classic Aeronatucia Imperialis. Here is another clash of ancient battle lines. This was a game between Early Crusaders and Medieval Burgundian. Both sides knocked lumps out of each other. The Burgundians triumphed in the end. Here are the Astro Guard I got from Star Schlock. Here is a WIP shot of my Carnevale crew. Zombie monsters, weird science and magic. Here are some more models, some are limited edition and some are more models for my Doctors. Frankenstein is a big meat bag of a bruiser and can help generate more magic powers from punching things.