Carnevale - game 2 street rumble

Ed, Thomas and I got together and had another game of Carnevale. We tried a scenario with objective markers These were weapons cache which provided combat bonuses. You also had to complete at least one agenda before you could score any victory points.

Because of the nature of the deployment Ed and I ended up closer to each other. So I ended up in a scrap with the trade guild while Tom's town guard ambled over to break up the riots and arrest any survivors.

The whole game definitely had the feel of an encounter taking place one night in Ankh Morepork.

Here are my crew. I lost the roll off for the choice of sides and three out of 4 deployment areas were divided by canals, so I ended up with my crew crossing the bridge in parade ground style. With hindsight I should have just sucked it up and started some models in the water next to the edge. Having a conga line of models also determines my order of activation because models can't move through each other.
On the other side of the canal, Ed's guild gang of guilders are set up on their bridge.
The cops are coming. Thomas has a couple of sharpshooters on the wharf while everyone else is marching across the bridge.
The action is underway on turn one, there is a fight underway between the two buildings. I led my advance with Frank and he ended up taking on all the Guilders. Nursey took a shot from a rifle and had to heal herself and then jumped to the shore. The Capadocine is already up on top of that building. I sent my Cannoneer off to the right to shoot at Thomas's shooters on reflection He could have benefitted from a third action and enjoyed two shots into the guilders.
There is a big hole where Frank used to be
The assassin leaps up and stabs the carrion. The Doctor moved up and blasted some of the guild. The warden got sliced by the barber and then the unleashed madman went of a rampage, he killed the barber and then threw two guild members into the water.
The Capodocine jumped down to attack Nursey but failed to kill her. He also had a go at stabbing the doctor and failed to kill him. The Madman got stabbed and shot by the guild henchmen until he fell over.
The Cannoneer shot the Capo and the shot killed off the madman as well. The Doctor then has a triple magic activation and killed off the Capo and left the assassin on 1-2 wounds. This also got me an agenda complete, my second of the game.

Thomas then shot the assassin off the balcony.
The guard go past the gap in the buildings
One of the guard kill off one of the guilders. Ed was reduced to a couple of henchmen and I had a leader a nurse and the cannoneer. So we called the game at that point.

It was another good learning opportunity. The reactions make the game a lot more complicated.  I blew through a huge amount of will in the first turn.

I'm now looking at rotating some new models into the roster for next time. 


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