Hobby update - Carnevale models and some games other people play...... yet

Some of the other ancient members of the Warlords prefer to play large battle games using the DBMM rules. 

This looks like some kind of Indian army using its elephants like heavy tanks.
This was a cool looking game of Wings of Glory. A large German bomber is making its way across the table and swarms of scouts are escorting and trying to attack it. Its kind of like classic Aeronatucia Imperialis.
Here is another clash of ancient battle lines.
This was a game between Early Crusaders and Medieval Burgundian. Both sides knocked lumps out of each other. The Burgundians triumphed in the end.

Here are the Astro Guard I got from Star Schlock.
Here is a WIP shot of my Carnevale crew. Zombie monsters, weird science and magic.
Here are some more models, some are limited edition and some are more models for my Doctors. Frankenstein is a big meat bag of a bruiser and can help generate more magic powers from punching things.


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