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Elephants Graveyard

For the second game we were joined by Thomas so we had 4 players all trying to get the treasure from the elephants graveyard. We changed up the table layout to give us a large island in the center.  Here the Heritors survey the table to determine which table edge they want. In true wargamer fashion we end up choosing the table sides that mean we don't have to move. The graveyard is marked out by a perimeter of standing stones on the large island in the middle of the table. I managed to roll low for initiative so an Elephant appeared to guard their sacred graveyard. Thomas's crew are splashing through the shallow water. Alan's crew are advancing over the islands Richards' crew have tucked in between some headlands.  I managed to trigger an encounter by picking up a treasure and two gorillas appeared behind Alan's deployment area. One of my archers took a shot at one and did some damage to the beast. It's the least I can do.  My Merc

Some more Ghost Archipelago

I have been following Mel The Terrain Tutor for a while so when he announced he was publishing a book via kickstarter I decided to back it. The project is going well and the book should be available early 2020. Mel always looks like he is having fun making the terrain and that's nice to look at. I have been making some more terrain for our games. We got 4 people playing and managed to get in two games. We played on a 4*4 table so that made the games pretty tightly packed. With these scenarios having such a big emphasis on the central treasure, its a big rush to the middle. The first game we played had Richard, Alan and I trying to get the treasure from under a big rock. This turned out to be guarded by an Eritrean (a giant elephant man). Richard had the models we needed so it all worked out OK.  Here is a layout of the table. I had made some new Islands out of plaster rocks and MDF off cuts. The central hill has Richard's temple on top.  Here is my crew we have climbe

Working with Anglo Saxons

In the second round of the day, we decided to have a multiplayer game. We drew coloured skull counters to see who would be on which team. I ended up being partnered with Michael's Anglo Saxons and against us were all the Vikings commanded by Alan and Russell. The Anglo Norman alliance won the roll off so were the attackers. We played on the whole 6*4 table. We again had the deployment with everybody needing loads of personal space. This forced the armies to spread across the table. I had the honour of commanding the right flank while the Saxons were on the left. This meant Alan would be my primary opponent, because he was on the Viking left. We didn't deploy intermingled so our game ended up be two single player games.  Here the center of our lines, the first part of the line consist of the levy and the crossbowmen, the Sons of Death are behind them looking for the biggest Viking unit of Hearthguard to go and mutually destroy. Here is my right flank, with my knig