Some more Ghost Archipelago

I have been following Mel The Terrain Tutor for a while so when he announced he was publishing a book via kickstarter I decided to back it. The project is going well and the book should be available early 2020. Mel always looks like he is having fun making the terrain and that's nice to look at.

I have been making some more terrain for our games. We got 4 people playing and managed to get in two games. We played on a 4*4 table so that made the games pretty tightly packed. With these scenarios having such a big emphasis on the central treasure, its a big rush to the middle.

The first game we played had Richard, Alan and I trying to get the treasure from under a big rock. This turned out to be guarded by an Eritrean (a giant elephant man). Richard had the models we needed so it all worked out OK.
 Here is a layout of the table. I had made some new Islands out of plaster rocks and MDF off cuts. The central hill has Richard's temple on top.
 Here is my crew we have climbed to the top of a hill to get a look at the temple.
 This is Richards crew, His heritor is an Elf
This is Alan's Priest of Sigmar, his head is off on the painting rack. this didn't impede his performance during the game. Alan also has employed Snake men as his specialists. They may get to eat under performing crew members.
 Richards Heritor leads the advance and demonstrates that she can walk on water.
 My Crew advance towards the temple and the outlying treasures.
 Alan introduced Richard to the game, his warden cast true sight and then his crossbowman shot Richard's heritor. However the Heritors second power is Catch Missile and the crossbow bolt is casually plucked out of the air.

The Elephant man walked down the hill towards Richards Heritor but didn't attack because of its special Rules. Alan shot it because it would attack when wounded, but then Richards crew finished it off so he got extra experience for slaying the guardian.
 My Crew secure the first treasure and my Heritor is next to the second one. the rest of the crew are splashing through the shallow water. I am down two specialists because my Mercenary was injured and needs a lie down and my archer died. So I have two treasure gatherers.
 Alan is making his dash for the treasure and spreading out his crew.
 Richards Heritor makes it to the temple and pushes the rock off the treasure.
 Arrows are wizzing back and forth between Richards and Alan's crew.
Richard makes it back to the water with the main treasure and Alan's heritor and crew attack them. My Crew are working their way round the side of the temple looking to get in on the action.
 My Heritor sees on of Alan's crew in the temple and makes an example out of him.
 The fight in the water sees casualties on both sides, Richard manages to clean out enough of Alan's crew to make a break with the treasure.
 There was also some archery between Alan's and my Crew, my archers got the better of the due and Alan's feared crossbow snake was skewered by a poisoned arrow and needed a lie down.

With Richard making it off the table with the main treasure, Alan and I agreed to retreat because we could not achieve anything further.

Richard managed to win the scenario and his first game, well done.


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