Working with Anglo Saxons

In the second round of the day, we decided to have a multiplayer game. We drew coloured skull counters to see who would be on which team. I ended up being partnered with Michael's Anglo Saxons and against us were all the Vikings commanded by Alan and Russell.

The Anglo Norman alliance won the roll off so were the attackers. We played on the whole 6*4 table. We again had the deployment with everybody needing loads of personal space. This forced the armies to spread across the table. I had the honour of commanding the right flank while the Saxons were on the left. This meant Alan would be my primary opponent, because he was on the Viking left. We didn't deploy intermingled so our game ended up be two single player games.
 Here the center of our lines, the first part of the line consist of the levy and the crossbowmen, the Sons of Death are behind them looking for the biggest Viking unit of Hearthguard to go and mutually destroy.

Here is my right flank, with my knights supported by my levy

 Here is the Anglo Saxon deployment, there were 2 Hearthguard, 1 Levy and 3 Warriors. The 3 warriors were mashed into 2 units.
 In the distance you can see the Vikings lining up in their columms.

Russell had a huge unit of Hearthguard and 2 small units of warriors in the background.
 Alan tends to have a few larger units and a few small units for support. Alan has a couple of small units lurking behind the house.
 My Normans advance and I trigger Volley fire to send some ballistic arrows down range.

The Vikings come forward, chanting to their Pagan gods. Alan rolls the required Saga dice to put Raganrok on his board,

The Normans charge into the viking warriors behind the House and kill them off.

There are 4 hearthguard nearby

 Alan triggers Ragnarok and lets slip the apocalypse. The small unit of Hearthguard attack the Norman knights, the Normans try to fall back bu Alan spent their fatigue to reduce their movement. The Hearthguard caught them and after taking their magic mushrooms won the fight 5-2 and the Surviving Norman fell back.
The Viking Warriors attack the Norman Levy and kill 6.

The Viking levy attack the exhausted Crossbowmen and kill 4. The Normans take the Vikings down to 6 models.

This attack left the Normans with 3 units at the minimum size to generate Saga dice. A couple of extra casualties and the Normans could have been hanstrung of dice.

 The Norman right flank after the carnage. The big blob of Viking warriors lurking behind the wood are exhausted.
There is some excitement among the Saxons and it turns out that after 9 attempts they have managed to roll a 6 for their Saga dice.
The Saxons and Vikings are closing cautiously towards each other.
 The Sons of Death begin their assault. They smash the Viking levy and st off in hot pursuit
 The SoDs run over and smash into the Hearthguard.
 The Norman Levy shoot down the last two Viking Hearthguard. The Normans have an ability that allows you to spend an enemy fatigue to inflict 2 automatic hits.
 The Norman Knights crash into the exhausted warriors and drive them back
 The Sons of Death crash into the Hearthguard and kill 3 for the loss of 5 of their own
 The Saxons and Vikings have engaged on the other side of the battlefield.
 The Saxon Levy archers have been exhausted by a Viking strategem.
 The Viking Warriors attack the Norman Knights and sacrificing themselves, both units end up ordering drink in Valhalla.
 The Viking Heartguard and the SoDs engage in their own version of the apocalypse. Both units are annihilated.
The Levy look across the empty battlefield
 The Viking Warlord races out and kills off the Norman crossbowmen before they can fill him full of bolts.

The Norman Warlord ride over and the Viking Warlord is defeated.

The Saxons and Vikings were engaged in a grinding battle of attrition on the left that took some time to resolve but in the end the Saxons defeated the Vikings on that side of the table as well.


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