Elephants Graveyard

For the second game we were joined by Thomas so we had 4 players all trying to get the treasure from the elephants graveyard.

We changed up the table layout to give us a large island in the center.
 Here the Heritors survey the table to determine which table edge they want. In true wargamer fashion we end up choosing the table sides that mean we don't have to move.

The graveyard is marked out by a perimeter of standing stones on the large island in the middle of the table.
I managed to roll low for initiative so an Elephant appeared to guard their sacred graveyard.

Thomas's crew are splashing through the shallow water.
Alan's crew are advancing over the islands
Richards' crew have tucked in between some headlands.

 I managed to trigger an encounter by picking up a treasure and two gorillas appeared behind Alan's deployment area.

One of my archers took a shot at one and did some damage to the beast. It's the least I can do.
 My Mercenary makes is way towards the central treasure. The guardian has gone to see off Richards gang
 Someone sets of another treasure trap and a fierce tribal warrior appears behind my lines.
Richard and Thomas's crew arrive at the temple.
My Archers try to take down the tribal warrior.
 The gorillas are charging towards Alan's crew and have been joined by a giant tree spider summoned by Thomas.
 My Mercenary made it to the central treasure but got pin-cushioned. A second guardian woke up and Alan wind gusted it towards my Heritor.
Richards crew took down the first guardian.
 Here is Richard doing something sneaky to get his treasures into his back line.
My Mercenary now has the central treasure.
 Alan is engaged in a two front war, he is fighting Richards crew in the temple and the Gorillas and spider from behind. Thomas managed to trigger a second spider with his treasure and it again appeared behind Alan.
The second guardian is getting too close to my heritor. However my archers earn their keep and the beast is slain with an arrow to the heart.
This shot shows the elephant shaped hole in the table and the tribal warrior closing on my crewman. My Mercenary has now gone out of action and dropped the treasure.

Richard and Thomas have now started a fight over the central treasure.
 My Heritor is now watching from nearby.
 My Warden cheering on the rest of the team and providing support with Envenom and Beast Strength spells. She also had a go at controlling a Gorilla but they have will of +8 so it shrugged off her mental suggestion.
The fighting has now been joined by Alan's crew.
 One of the gorillas has now gone down. The spiders have accounted for a crewman or two but in the end all the animals are killed.
 More crewmembers arrive to join the scrum around the central treasure.
My Heritor tries to make a play for the central treasure but is wounded by Alan's snakeman and decides to get out of dodge.

Richard's Heritor is now posing in the temple archway, as only an elf can.

Thomas's Heritor is also now lurking with intent around the edge of the fight.

Thomas's warden and missile armed crewmen provide covering fire for the crewman dragging the treasure back to base.

Alan's Crew manage to make it off with the central treasure. All the crews have some Hail Mary plays to try to stop the crewman with the treasure but none of them come off.

Alan's guys make it over the temple wall and everyone else fades back into the jungle to examine the treasure they have got.

My Mercenary recovered from his injuries and so is ready to start the next game.


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