The Cursed Earth with a Badge and an Begging Bowl

I recently received the Osprey Games Judge Dredd Cursed Earth Game. This is a small card game. There are no dice, only decisions which are almost all bad.

The game involves a chase across the Cursed Earth, looking for Max Normal. This adventure is a variant of the Osprey Game - Lost Expedition and uses the same approach.

This is my second solo game. In this game I tried to make things a bit easier for myself and give myself more food and ammunition. According to the rules you only get 3 ration tins and this will last you one and a half days. So either the Justice department expects you to complete the mission by then, beg rations of the natives or eat irradiated food which makes your characters sick.

Here is Dawn on the first day, My team are in Mutie Valley and the encounters we have to resolve are laid out below. First up Satanus the mutant T-Rex, then a spiders web.

After Dawn on the first day we are a bit beaten up and the bad guys are further ahead.

I don't have a shot of the night of the first day so here is dawn of day 2. My characters are now beaten up some more but we managed to get out of Mutie valley and close the gap on the bad guys. There are some slightly easier encounters today. Normally we would be out of food by tonight and today doesn't have any way to get any more.

Here is the night on Day 2, at night you play the encounters in order you draw them rather than ordering them in sequence like you do during daylight. I guess at night you can't see what is eating you.

Here is Day 3, this was OK I could us violence to get through most encounters so I went through bullets like gold.

Night Day 3 Now everyone is on their last legs, each judge is on their last wound, then I get this series of encounters.
Giant dies in the first encounter Anderson dies in the next one and Joe Dredd dies in the third.
Trumpets hoot out the last post as the last judge falls.
 The next encounter zone is the one and the Villains find Max.
This is Nile, she is helping me.

For some therapy, here are some Reaper Barbarians and wizards I have been working on, some are metal and some are the Bones plastic material. Its a vinyl style plastic somewhat like the plastic Airfix used to make their plastic soldiers. With some paint on you can't really tell which is which.


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