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the Perils of working from home

I was working from home on Friday and Pharoah decided he wanted to help me. I obviously needed to pat him rather than my keyboard. We went to Tauranga for the weekend for my mums 80th birthday. At the airport there was this New Zealand colonial wars diorama. I snapped a couple of photos through the display case. The assault party looks like they are having a tough time and the defenders look like they are doing a passable impression of a last stand. I did some more work on my Frostgrave warbands. I did the lantern on the wizard and even tried out a bit of object source lighting. I need to do some more work on his base. I cut him off a square base. I also added some more snow flock. I like the effect of snow flock glued to the tufts it really gives the base the feel of a frozen bush Here is the Snow troll. He is looking for a nice bowl of soup, because he hasn't got any teeth. He will be gumming adventurers to death. The Troll's base is some bark pieces glued onto his normal bas

Hobby updates - back to ancient and fantasy

 Now we have finished playing our Aliens games We are looking forward to playing some Frostgrave second edition and maybe some more Saga games. At Call to Arms I bought a box of Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish. There are 30 warriors and 10 wardogs in a box. I have another box coming with my Frotgrave rules from Northstar so I will have 60 models. I will then have almost enough dogs to make them a threat in our Last Days campaign. Maybe a scenario where you have to escape a horde of zombie dogs while its freezing cold. I have also been painting my Ancient Greeks. I have been working on some elements of Psoloi, these have slings or Javelins. I also have some Hoplites in progress.  I will use the Arid basing mix I got a while back. The skirmishers have plaster rocks added to their bases to make them a bit more interesting. I have also been making some camp elements. I have some tents, some logs and even a giant roast chicken. I have assembled the first box of Irish, I have also built som

Last Days - this time its war

With our teams now having been classified as Xenomorph Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We were promptly dispatched to another science expedition. This one had been studying some ancient ruins and maybe a crashed spaceship. For this game we decided to add more terrain to compress the lines of sight, we also changed the lock and load rules so that you either shot in the shooting phase or in the threat phase but not both. This still gives you the ability to move to a point where you will be able to see a target when it moves towards you. We also added some Yautja. These had cloaking devices, Ash suggested the rules: a TN 7 intelligence test to spot, and an additional -1 to hit. however once hit they lose their cloaking for the rest of the turn. We armed them with heavy blades and a single shot S6 12" range plasma caster. We also decided that the hunters would be on locked and loaded state when revealed from their blips. We kept the blips secret until it was discovered,  by moving with