Hobby updates - back to ancient and fantasy

 Now we have finished playing our Aliens games We are looking forward to playing some Frostgrave second edition and maybe some more Saga games.

At Call to Arms I bought a box of Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish. There are 30 warriors and 10 wardogs in a box. I have another box coming with my Frotgrave rules from Northstar so I will have 60 models. I will then have almost enough dogs to make them a threat in our Last Days campaign. Maybe a scenario where you have to escape a horde of zombie dogs while its freezing cold.

I have also been painting my Ancient Greeks. I have been working on some elements of Psoloi, these have slings or Javelins. I also have some Hoplites in progress. 

I will use the Arid basing mix I got a while back. The skirmishers have plaster rocks added to their bases to make them a bit more interesting. I have also been making some camp elements. I have some tents, some logs and even a giant roast chicken.

I have assembled the first box of Irish, I have also built some armoured warriors out of some left overs from  the Fireforge games models I built for my Pagan Rus. The Irish can also be used for Scots, Welsh and Norse Gael. The Irish will get the swamp basing set. This has some purple colours which will go well with the yellow themed tunics that the Irish we known for.

The Irish warriors are generally armed with Javelins, they have little armour many wear lille more than a long shirt or short dress and have no shoes.

I have a couple of options for Frostgrave warbands. Both are themed on the old show Robin of Sherwood. I have one crew based on the outlaws and one based on the Sheriff of Nottingham

What classifications the models end up with, will depend on how the rules work. There have been some changes to how warbands can be made up. Some soldiers will now be specialists that you can only have 4. The rest of the ranks have to be made up of rabble, but good news thieves and thugs are free. This is designed to protect a warband that has a bad game and ends up with no money. Even a broke wizard can go down to the local pub and gather up a crew of the desperate and take them into a suicide mission in the city. It sounds like some corporate recruiting programs where they use interns for no pay but the promise of pay in the future. Maybe its like the Assassins Guild in Ankh Morepork where he final exam is 100% practical. So there is no scaling of grades.

This is the Sheriff themed warband. I don't have an apprentice model lined up for this yet. The big fighter is Guy of Gisborne he can be a knight or a Captain.
This is the Wolves Heads. Herne the Hunter is the wizard, Marion can be his apprentice, I also have Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck and Nasir. I also have Alan a Dale as the Bard and a bunch of merry men. Too many of these have bows if the specialist rumours are correct.

I also have this Troll. You better hope he doesn't break into the girls bathroom.


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