the Perils of working from home

I was working from home on Friday and Pharoah decided he wanted to help me. I obviously needed to pat him rather than my keyboard.

We went to Tauranga for the weekend for my mums 80th birthday. At the airport there was this New Zealand colonial wars diorama. I snapped a couple of photos through the display case.
The assault party looks like they are having a tough time and the defenders look like they are doing a passable impression of a last stand.
I did some more work on my Frostgrave warbands. I did the lantern on the wizard and even tried out a bit of object source lighting. I need to do some more work on his base. I cut him off a square base. I also added some more snow flock. I like the effect of snow flock glued to the tufts it really gives the base the feel of a frozen bush
Here is the Snow troll. He is looking for a nice bowl of soup, because he hasn't got any teeth. He will be gumming adventurers to death. The Troll's base is some bark pieces glued onto his normal base. Its a bit more interesting than sand and on a bigger base you have some more room to do something interesting
This is Herne the Hunter, Marion his apprentice and the Merry men. These got their faces highlighted and some extra highlighting done on them. There are plenty more models than I can use especially if models armed with a bow are specialists and those are limited in numbers.
 I also assembled my Indomitus necron warriors. They are identical to everyone else's so don't rate a picture.


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