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Kill Team - Nobody expects the Inquisition

I got to play a couple of games of Kill Team on Saturday. After watching plenty of cop shows on TV I wanted to try out a combined Inquisition and Arbites task force. This allowed me to reuse some familiar capabilities. First game was against Tony and his Kroot. This was my first game against Kroot. Here we are ready to go, we are investigating an industrial plant. Down at the other end of the field are the Kroot The Revalatum has dashed forwards and this allowed me to loot 4 objectives in the first turn. The Kroot have done sneaky things with their hound to recover their item. The Kroot are pushing forwards, trying to make up for lost time. The Arbites marksman managed to zap the Bowcaster Kroot but was then sniped by the Kroot sniper in return. The Kroot sniper went on to have a very good game. There was a fight developing around the objective behind the smokestack. The Revalatum moved forwards to shoot the hound or the warrior wrestling for the objective. It is great being able to sh

Kill Team - Enforcing the Law 40K Style

 I have been playing the Exaction Squad recently. This team has an undeserved bad reputation. I have seen "Experts" in Podcasts and other talking heads shows giving them a bottom tier rating. I've now played 4 games with them. All the games have been close and the Exaction team have proved very good at arresting Chaos Space Marines. Ganging up on a marine with a Subductor and a normal Judge means you can lock them up in close combat and then finish them off with some close-range shotgun action. I made a team out of my Judge Dredd models. They all got new bases. Here we go off to try and arrest some Orks. It was my first time playing the commandos who are a highly regarded team. Here we are breaking into the rooms. I managed to pull off the dog team double action to eat the Grot but I ended up too close together and got damaged by the bomb squig. Here we go after a big fight in the main room. I managed to take out the warboss, and claim him as my Criminal, Head Hunter and

Kill Team - Do elves really taste like chicken?

For my second game I took out the Genestealers against Regan and his Blades of Khaine aspect warrior team. Unfortunately the aspect warriors have 8 wounds so I can't one shot them with a critical hit.  They are elves so they will have more special rules than you can possibly imagine but they only have 8 wounds so they can die. Here is the site of the first kill. I opened the door and then squirted acid all over the Howling Banshee that had danced in and picked up the recover item. After a quick acid bath, she was reduced to a pile of bubbling goo. I had to move the genestealer back onto the objective rather than charge into the other corridor. Drat. I could not quite get the Genestealer in the middle in a position where it could capture the objective and Open the door to allow the other Genestealer to charge down the corridor and eat an Elf.  This is the room on the right. The Howling banshee was quicker on the draw and ran to the room on the right and chucked a plasma grenade at m

Kill Team - We are the Law

  An Arbites patrol was patrolling the undercity . "Definite signs of anti Imperial activity " "These look like marks scratched into the walls and then painted in Blood . " "are they writing?" "Over here ! Someone has hung a skinned body from the roof " "That guy must weigh 100 Kilos you couldn 't haul that up there . " "What are we dealing with ? " "I 've got a bad feeling about this " "Movement in sector 7 " The Proctor has moved forwards in parallel with the Revalatum and sent the Nuncio Aquilla into the next room, where it began to broadcast demands to lay down their arms and surrender. I thought I was safe around the corner, the nightlords were about to show me the error of my assumptions. Their puppet master moved forwards and lured my Proctor out into the corridor  "...... Officer in need of assistance... Over here" Here is my Proctor catching a Krack missile to the face. This th