Kill Team - Do elves really taste like chicken?

For my second game I took out the Genestealers against Regan and his Blades of Khaine aspect warrior team. Unfortunately the aspect warriors have 8 wounds so I can't one shot them with a critical hit. 

They are elves so they will have more special rules than you can possibly imagine but they only have 8 wounds so they can die.

Here is the site of the first kill. I opened the door and then squirted acid all over the Howling Banshee that had danced in and picked up the recover item. After a quick acid bath, she was reduced to a pile of bubbling goo.

I had to move the genestealer back onto the objective rather than charge into the other corridor. Drat.
I could not quite get the Genestealer in the middle in a position where it could capture the objective and Open the door to allow the other Genestealer to charge down the corridor and eat an Elf. 
This is the room on the right. The Howling banshee was quicker on the draw and ran to the room on the right and chucked a plasma grenade at my Stealers. One died and one was damaged but this cost the Banshee her life.
I was able to eat the two close combat warriors in the doorway, this left me open to a double shot action from the dire avenger which killed 2 stealers.
I managed to clean out this room and claim a point for eliminate guards and Rob and Ransack by killing the Striking Scorpion that was wandering around looking for a friend. I had tought about making the Scorpion an assassinate target but I was worried that it would just run away and deny me all those VPs.

I was able to move round the corner and charge the banshee and kill it, then the exarch bounded into the room and shot my Robber down to one wound.
This was the play that turned the game. I finally managed to win initiative and declared the Dire Avenger as my Eliminate guards and Assassinate target. However I should still be able to kill the Dire Avenger and survive to take possession of the objective. 

The genestealer only needed to roll 3 3s or higher with 5 dice, unfortunately I rolled 3 1s a 2 and a 3. However I have Relentless so I can reroll all the misses - yeah! However the elves have Contempt this is a tactical ploy which blocks rerolls - Boooo. So not only did I fail to kill the Dire Avenger but I had to parry to stay alive. 

The Avenger then back out of combat and shot the stealer to death. I then sprayed acid on the avenger and took it down to one wound. 
In the next turn the Avenger killed my stealer and took another objective.

That was a 4 VP swing on one roll.
Losing the Genestealer over on the right did give me the opportunity to charge and kill the Banshee behind door number 2 and move to take control of the objective. This took us back to 3 all for objectives.

This was us checking out whether the Exarch could get within range to control the objective and be in range to shoot my Genestealer. It turns out he couldn't and losing a VP for recover item wasn't worth it.

We were tied on primary points but I lost on secondaries 5-3. So a close game.

At the end of the game we were both down to out leader and one warrior on 1 wound.

For those keeping score at home, the Dire Avenger killed 4 stealers and lived.


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