Kill Team - Enforcing the Law 40K Style

 I have been playing the Exaction Squad recently. This team has an undeserved bad reputation. I have seen "Experts" in Podcasts and other talking heads shows giving them a bottom tier rating.

I've now played 4 games with them. All the games have been close and the Exaction team have proved very good at arresting Chaos Space Marines. Ganging up on a marine with a Subductor and a normal Judge means you can lock them up in close combat and then finish them off with some close-range shotgun action.

I made a team out of my Judge Dredd models. They all got new bases. Here we go off to try and arrest some Orks. It was my first time playing the commandos who are a highly regarded team.

Here we are breaking into the rooms. I managed to pull off the dog team double action to eat the Grot but I ended up too close together and got damaged by the bomb squig.
Here we go after a big fight in the main room. I managed to take out the warboss, and claim him as my Criminal, Head Hunter and Rob and Ransack, netting me 5 out of 6 secondary objective points.
I managed to clean the Orks out of the middle room but lost control of all the other objectives.
Here we are fighting some Nurgle Legionaries. My Leader is fighting the balefire acolyte and after some pain medication from the medic (who did sterling work in this game). Another Subductor and the Revalatum took down the Annointed (that operative can struggle in a loot mission). We then broke into the room and took down the Leader.
The Leader got taken down by the ShriveTalon (we both have strike first) but he got brought back to life by the medic.
In the last turn the dog team managed to take down the plasma gunner who was my criminal and Rob and Ransack.
The Chaos marines were really tied down with having to loot the objectives.
Here we are breaking into a room to try and steal it back from the Eldar. The Dire Avenger walked over and shot the Medic and Castigator. My Subjugator subdued the Striking Scorpion but then got taken out by the Banshee. The Banshee then got taken out by my Radio operator who was in-turn taken out by the Exarch.

The room on the right was a real pit fight. My Subjugator tried to take out the Striking Scorpion but flubbed his rolls and died. 

There was a great fight in the doorway on the right. Plasma grenades, dog bites shotgun blasts and pistol shots.
The Scorpion then returned the favour and died to the Arbitrator. The Dire Avenger then got disintegrated by the sniper. I managed to pull off some one-way obscuring shenanigans.

The Arbitrator dashed across the room and killed the Banshee with the Krak grenade, he then secured the body and an objective. He also scored me two points for Rob and Ransack. The Banshee was my Criminal and was also the target of the Termination Order.

Here we are trying to shoot my way out of the room. 

This was a great game, I ended up losing 19-20. With some slightly better rolls or winning initiative once or twice, it would have been the other way.

So not bad for my first 4 games with a bottom tier team. 
Its not that hard to score points but its hard to stop leaking them.



  1. Nice looking games. I keep resisting the temptation to get back into GW games but things like this make it tough for sure!

    1. Kill Team is an easy(ish) game to get into. Usually all you need is one box of miniatures. I like the game mechanics.
      You can get a starter set which includes 2 teams, rules and some terrain for about $120.


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