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The Scarlet Manticore

 I have been having the week off - its school holidays. I have also been playing a couple of games of Forbidden Lands. This is my crew. I have been making the 4Ground kit "Stoic Arms". These are the bottom two floors. This was as far as I got at the end of the first day. There are a lot of pieces, both sides of the walls are detailed and there are lots of little bits. Even the plaster panels on the external walls are individual pieces of cardboard.  This is the whole model its 4 levels of playable space with loads of rooms and opening doors. I now have somewhere to put my Mantic Terrain Crate furniture. This is part of the second floor. The two rooms at the top have a balcony. The Third Floor have rooms with an external walkway.  The model turns out very clean. So I have been griming it up to make it looks a bit more worn. I have also changed the name of the Inn. At the end of our first session the Boss Fight was with a Manticore. This could be really dangerous but a critical

Frostgrave - Chasing the Mad Wizard

I got in a second game on Saturday. In the raid on the Barbarian temple, a strange human escaped through the portal and ran off the board. He was pursued by Hrut hunting parties. Someone being chased by the Hrut was interesting enough, so we set off in pursuit. We have a fairly cramped table layout. The Mad Wizard is in the center of the table, he has been transformed into a rat like creature after 1000 years in the daemon dimensions so is rather mad. Imagine nothing but RAP music. My crew have started their first turn. I do some treasure securing trickery with Transpose. That's good because it gets me a treasure but that treasure was trapped and a work showed up right behind me. Again played by my Snow Troll. Definitely a real method actor that troll.  Robin lead Much and Eric away from the worm towards the spiral stairs. The Ghost of King Arthur attracts the worm-troll and they engage in several rounds of combat with Arthur winning and pushing the creature back while Robin and Mu

Frostgrave - Raid on the Temple, Norman Style

Thomas had yet to raid the temple, so I took my secondary warband. Brother De Reynald is taking some men at arms lent him by his brother the Sheriff.  This was the initial layout with the berserkers guarding the portals. We start sneaking down the side of the temple. Thomas sent his dog in to attract the Berserkers into a group. I helped by chucking Grenades into the scrum. Bertrand the Apprentice leads a crew down the flank, he chucks a holy grenade as well. Thomas is making good headway through the Berserkers A giant Worm shows up (played by a troll) This was quite a hazard until it took a critical crossbow bolt to the face, then it remembered it had to go home to do its taxes and fill out an occupational safety report. A Boar showed up. I have a bit of a phobia about Boars after one killed my last wizard. However this one got put onto the roasting spit pretty quickly. The Hrut start showing up so guess what they get a good old Grenade. I think I chucked a couple and the Hrut bounced

Colonial Marines and Frostgrave

 I bought the Another Glorious Day in the Corps for Christmas. I have been working on the marines. These are nice simple models, usually they are a couple of pieces. They have a nice level of detail I can also use these models for Stargrave. They come in a nice variety of configurations so you can make quite a variety of crew from the game. For my initial crew it will be: led by Gunnery Sgt Apone a Veteran Bishop a Robot "I prefer artificial person myself" tech expert Specialists Hicks - Commando Drake - Gunner Frost - Burner Ripley - Casecracker Supporting cast Goreman - Recruit Newt - Runner Burke - Recruit Crowe - Trooper The supporting cast will likely get upgraded as the team progresses. I have enough marines to replace all the specialists. I have also been making another warband for Frostgrave. I was going for a priests of Set from Conan, but I ended up a bit more House Slitherin. I have a Wizard, Apprentice some warriors and some shanghaied tavern dwellers and urchins.

Frostgrave - Temple raid.

 Alan, Zane and I all went on a reconnaissance in force to one of the Barbarian temples. Can out teams of crack commandos raid the temple, disrupt the rituals and rescue the gold currently being held hostage. We have infiltrated through the Barbarian positions using invisibility potions. Now its time to plan the assault. You could sneak up while invisible and then attack but you would not have the ability to cast spells without becoming visible. We started casting strength spell straight away on the frontline fighters. Awaiting us in the temple is a horde of barbarians. We added three extra berserkers because there were three players. We put all the portals in the quarter we were not  entering from.  Alan's team start infiltrating from the right. Some become visible as he starts casting mud  My thief, teleported down to the other side of the board and stood next to a treasure, ready to snatch it up and run out of the exit. She made it off the table before Reality Cracked and we end