Frostgrave - Chasing the Mad Wizard

I got in a second game on Saturday. In the raid on the Barbarian temple, a strange human escaped through the portal and ran off the board. He was pursued by Hrut hunting parties. Someone being chased by the Hrut was interesting enough, so we set off in pursuit.

We have a fairly cramped table layout. The Mad Wizard is in the center of the table, he has been transformed into a rat like creature after 1000 years in the daemon dimensions so is rather mad. Imagine nothing but RAP music.
My crew have started their first turn. I do some treasure securing trickery with Transpose. That's good because it gets me a treasure but that treasure was trapped and a work showed up right behind me. Again played by my Snow Troll. Definitely a real method actor that troll. 
Robin lead Much and Eric away from the worm towards the spiral stairs.
The Ghost of King Arthur attracts the worm-troll and they engage in several rounds of combat with Arthur winning and pushing the creature back while Robin and Much shot it with arrows. I also managed some treasure shenanigans with my apprentice and secured a second treasure.
Thomas' thief is braving the icy causeways to get one of the treasures. His thief on the other side has secured the other treasure.
Almost home free for the thief.
My Hrut have shown up
Thomas's warband close in around the ancient mad wizard and take him down. Thomas has put up great big walls of fire to stop me from getting to him or the mad wizard running away.
The Mad Wizard goes down in a scrum of a melee while my Warband are on the other side of a magical wall buffing themselves up for a fight.
My Hrut crossbowman kills off Thomas's thief, one of the Hrut kills his dog, who is on the wrong side of the border. Sir Dave the unpopular is also sacrificed to hold back my warband when one of the magic walls failed. I think the Wizard owed him money, or maybe he was asking about collective bargaining.
Harry leads the survivors of his warband off the table with the wizard. He gets the central treasure and one other and I got three.
Robin and Much have dealt with the worm and are now falling back from a Snow Troll played by my Gorilla. 

I got some useful treasure and enough cash to buy a Grimoire.

That's is it for the warm up acts of the campaign now its into the final season. I think from now on our bases get blown up so its what you can do out in the mean streets for Frostgrave.


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