Colonial Marines and Frostgrave

 I bought the Another Glorious Day in the Corps for Christmas. I have been working on the marines.

These are nice simple models, usually they are a couple of pieces. They have a nice level of detail

I can also use these models for Stargrave. They come in a nice variety of configurations so you can make quite a variety of crew from the game.

For my initial crew it will be:

led by Gunnery Sgt Apone a Veteran

Bishop a Robot "I prefer artificial person myself" tech expert


Hicks - Commando

Drake - Gunner

Frost - Burner

Ripley - Casecracker

Supporting cast

Goreman - Recruit

Newt - Runner

Burke - Recruit

Crowe - Trooper

The supporting cast will likely get upgraded as the team progresses. I have enough marines to replace all the specialists.

I have also been making another warband for Frostgrave. I was going for a priests of Set from Conan, but I ended up a bit more House Slitherin.

I have a Wizard, Apprentice some warriors and some shanghaied tavern dwellers and urchins. I converted some members of the warband to have a more turbaned look for something a little different

I also ordered the Baron's War rules and some livery transfers. This is a historic large skirmish game set in the 1st Barons War of 1215-17 its another game that you can set your self up with a couple boxed sets of plastic miniatures.


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