Frostgrave - Temple raid.

 Alan, Zane and I all went on a reconnaissance in force to one of the Barbarian temples. Can out teams of crack commandos raid the temple, disrupt the rituals and rescue the gold currently being held hostage.

We have infiltrated through the Barbarian positions using invisibility potions. Now its time to plan the assault. You could sneak up while invisible and then attack but you would not have the ability to cast spells without becoming visible. We started casting strength spell straight away on the frontline fighters.
Awaiting us in the temple is a horde of barbarians. We added three extra berserkers because there were three players. We put all the portals in the quarter we were not  entering from. 
Alan's team start infiltrating from the right. Some become visible as he starts casting mud 
My thief, teleported down to the other side of the board and stood next to a treasure, ready to snatch it up and run out of the exit. She made it off the table before Reality Cracked and we ended up in our own pocket universe.
We start advancing down the edge of the table. we want to lure some of the berserkers over so we can deal with them in small groups.
Some Berserkers make it over but it takes them two actions, so I will get to counter attack 
Meanwhile, in the middle of the temple, the Goblins are sneaking around the edge showering arrows down, with about as much effect as in the movies.
I have my front lines established.
One of the Berserkers bursts into flame, my Knight melts his sword on the burning man, but we manage to drive it back and kill it. 
Chevallier Des Guise makes short work of the Burning man
The first of the Hrut shows up.
Alan has set up a fog barrier to isolate some of the berserkers while he hacks them down in the mud. Very Game of Thrones
The Goblins are laying down some fog walls of their own, while the sneak down to the treasure.
Robin and Much manage to kill a Berserker with arrows. Robin did well to hit something. this was his best game he didn't even die.
Alan is starting to chew his way through the Berserkers. In the end he killed 5.
The Hrut keep showing up and getting Banished. Alan's combat Bunny ate a Berserker
I have a couple of fighters covering the Portals. Hrut today gone tomorrow. Most of them are not even getting a move action.
Reality Cracked so we had to get off the table by touching the pillar in the middle and spending an action. Alan's fog kept disappearing just when he didn't want it to. His Warband members were trying to work out how to unlock the treasure from the portal. His best models could nto figure it out so his famer hit it with his scythe and it fell out.
That woke up a Ghoul that had been slumbering in an antechamber. The Ghoul went on a bit of a rampage and ate two goblins and a Snow Leopard.

The Ghoul is having a feast and has invited some Goblins to be the guests of honour. Zanes' goblins spent a number of spells transferring health around between them before they got the hang of it.
We are all queueing up to evacuate. It's more crowded that Rush hour traffic. My apprentice tried to zap the Ghoul but read the spell wrong, so it didn't work.
We managed to evacuate everyone safely and made it back with two treasures one of which is a magic ring and the other turned out to be 50 gold. The last Hrut proved to be a bit more resistant to magic but it wasn't resistant to a good sword stroke. That caused it to teleport away and reconsider its life choices. then my apprentice blasted it off the table with a Banish. So everyone made it back to base. Unfortunately I didn't manage to write any scrolls. 

So loads of fun and there were enough monsters to make it hard without us wanting to take casualties. Now we just need to find the crazy wizard that came out of the portal and raced off.


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