7TV Vlads Army - the climax - Battle at the Church

 The Home Guard have raced back to their headquarters at the Church. (its the only place with a working phone). They have found the vicar and verger inside and have amassed a stock of supplies with which to make maguffins and other unique weapons of war.

Just then a dark smokey cloud spreads over the graveyard and long dead hands start erupting from the ground. The Vampires have arrived, and this time they are led in person by Major Shreck. Can the Home Guard drive off the fiends of the night?

Here is the church and its surrounding graveyard. (Seriously, who does that?) To the right is the church hall and at the bottom a couple of bomb-damaged houses. There is a war on.

Here are the brave defenders taking their positions. The vicar briefly protested as his windows are broken to make firing ports.
Alan won initiative for the first time in the campaign. Major Shrek raised the Iron Cross and the horde shambled forwards. Alan also got the effect that meant he could only move once per turn. Alan lured several of the defenders out of the safety of the church. Their agonised screams as they were ripped apart by the fangs of the wolves were mercifully short.
Two of the bat swarms make it inside the church they terrorize the defenders
This was part way through the turn, three of the Sea Scouts are dead. Private Fraser was also beguiled by the vampires. Lured outside the church by voices only he could hear, he died swiftly to the fangs and claws of the vampires.
At the end of the turn, I had lost 7 models and the Verger was under the effect of panic caused by the bats. 
Aaargh what a disaster, seven casualties was inconceivable. 
Sgt Wilson activates, he leaders Private Jones and Private Sykes can activate for free. Wilson moves over and dominates a wolf. We thought that he must have been a dog handler before he started working at the bank. Jones charged one of the bat swarms and made bat kebabs with his trusty bayonet. That Swarm was then finished off by captain Mannerings pistol and Godfrey's rifle. 
Pike then climbed outside the church and let rip with his tommy gun. This killed a wolf and two Totengangers.
The Dominated Wolf then charged and ate the last one controlled by the vampires. It then moved away to sniff an objective.
Thye Captain had been busy opening the loot and seeing what we could make. I managed to make the Bite proof scarf (an old school scarf soaked in holy water) Thei was given to private Walker. Walker was also issued the Holy Light (made by marking a cross on the torch with boot polish)

Walker then climbed out the window and illuminated the horde pressed up against the wall of the church. The Holy light blasted a zombie and all of the ghouls and put two wounds on the half blood.

The picture above shows what was left after the undead had be bathed in holy light. At this point they were axed with no way to get into the Church we ended the game there.

The whole campaign felt very narrative, but the victory conditions felt very difficult for the Vampires to achieve.

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Strigoi
If you think we're on the run
We are the boys who will stop your little game
We are the boys who will bathe you in the flame

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Strigoi
If you think old Englands done

Mr Brown goes off to town
He's lived here since the flood
But he comes home each evening 
And he won't give up his blood.

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Strigoi
If you think old Englands done

Apologies to the original Dad's army Theme


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