7tv - Vlad's Army - 8.15 to Eastwick

 After the incident at the cottage the action then moves to the train station. The Vampires are trying to catch the morning train to Eastwick where they can spread the disease of vampirism across the south coast. Only the thin brown line of the Home Guard stand in their way.

This is table layout for the train station. The Home Guard are assisted by the Sea Scout boys.
The Home Guard and Sea Scouts march off towards the rain station.

Sgt Wilson leads some of the Sea Scouts up onto the overpass. The plan is to shoot down onto the undead. Captain Mannering leads Private Walker and Private Fraser to the train station to warn some passengers not to get on the train otherwise they could end up being lunch for the vampires.
The Undead are getting themselves organised and flow forwards into the gardens. Hauptman Kutrz is a hulking bestial vampire.He was promptly targeted by accurate rifle fire and fell dead. "Five rounds rapid, Open Fire!"
The bats are swarming and zombies are lurching up the stairs. Sgt Wilson is looking a bit worried
Captain Mannering has rescued the passengers and politely refuses an apple from one lady who was on her way to market. Provates Fraser and Walker are firing at anything they can see.
One of the sea scouts dies of fright after being attacked by the bat swarm.

Sgt Wilson thought it was very bad manners to kill two of the sea scouts. Private Walker used his black market contacts managed to find the axe and the torch. We had already found the explosive and used that to kill a couple of zombies.
The Sergeant then charged down the steps, and used the axe to lop the heads of two zombies and dominated a third, 
This allowed the Sea Scouts to run away from the scary bats. One scout died from fright and the other died when the bat form briefly changed into showing shadowy and monstrous and some enormous claws reached out and slashed the throat of the Scout.

It all came down to the last turn and how many of the vampires could jump onto the train. 2 Vampires failed to get on the train leaving Alan on 5 victory points. The Home Guard had 6 reservist surviving. Then Private Walker pulled out a pair of Nylon stockings which generate one more victory point. 

A two point victory margin means the Home Guard have one extra reservist at the finale.



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