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Frostgrave - its a nice night for a Dwarf wedding.

Its a nice night to slay again. - Apologies to Billy Idol The rest of our Frostgrave gaming group were off doing SCA stuff this weekend so Alan and I got in a bonus game of Frostgrave. We played a scenario based on the Rangifier mission in Thaw on the Lichlord. Put the central treasure down and the other treasures 6" away from this point aligned towards each corner. But two Barbarians next to the central treasure and one next to each other treasure. I was using a mix of Hasslefree and Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers. I decided it was a Dwarf wedding ritual where the bride and groom and their closest friends stand guard over the dowry for a night in Frostgrave. They get to keep whatever they can guard. Usually is a cold night and some monsters but tonight its marauding bands of wizards and their retinues.  This is an overview of the battlefield. Alan is using a Witch for his warband so he has a couple of bears in his crew. These are by far the best animal companions and are no hard

Frostgrave - The Mausoleum

For the second game of the day, Richard joined Chris and I for an expedition to the Mausoleum. Richard is using a team of Witches. He uses summoned creatures as an expendable first wave followed by Zombies and lately a barrage of Imps to keep enemy spell casters on their toes. Here are Richards warband making their way through a ruined tower. The group includes two bears as animal companions. Here is my updated crew. I cashed in the magic shield I got after the first game and bought another Ranger (Nasir) and an Apothecary (Friar Tuck).  Here are my team moving towards the treasure. Alan has grabbed the first one (or will do next turn) after the guardian skeleton is shot by Much. Holy leaping Bears. Richard leaps a bear next to a central treasure. As he said, "I'm not attacking you I'm just asserting dominance." Chris would shortly be enjoying the other bear appearing in front of his team. Little John is leading a group of Merry Men towards the Mausoleum. The crew are

Frostgrave - The Well

We had 7 people turn up for the initial weekend of our Frostgrave campaign. We proably have 8 players at this point and we might get some more as the games progress. We split the games between 2-4 players. The larger games take significantly longer to play. Pairing the players into 2-3 per game means we can get more games completed during the day.  I was involved in a couple of games I played Chris in his first ever game of Frostgrave. Then Richard joined us with his flying bear coven for a second game.  Thomas also played James and they built up so many walls they could not engage each other so their game was over very quickly. In this first game we played The Well scenario. Our Wizards would get extra experience if they drink from the well. If anyone falls in they are reduced to zero wounds. Here are the positions after the initial turn. We have moved up. Alan a Dale whos singing is so terrible he has to steal to support himself. has made it to the first treasure while Little John ke

Never let politics get in the way of wargaming

Last weekend should have been a Warlords meeting. However we had to postpone the meeting until next week because we had to have an election and they needed our venue for a polling booth. The voting went about as predicted, especially by the magic bean poling machine in the cafĂ© in the local mall.  I have been working on my stuff for Frostgrave. We are starting our campaign next weekend so I have been making some markers and terrain and painting some more models. I now have several warband concepts based on the factions from the Robin of Sherwood show. I have built some Fog markers and some Wall markers. I got inspired by a Vince Venturella video where he used DAS clay to make bases. I got some stone texture rollers and rolled out sheets of clay then rolled the texture over the clay. Once dry I glued the slabs onto a frame of extruded PVC sheet. Nile and Pharoah are enjoying working from home while baby Yoda looks on. To make the fog walls I made some support frames and then glued cotto

Getting ready for Frostgrave

I bought some Sarissa Precision skirmish bases from Warlord games. They come in a 10 model squad base and a variety of smaller bases for support teams. I have been gluing them together to make unit bases for Saga or Infamy. I have glued the bases into groups of 12 and 8. I will then fill in the gaps with some texture paste. Our Frostgrave campaign will be kicking off at the Warlords in a couple of weeks. I have been having fun painting groups of models. This weekend I have been working on some terrain. When we were playing frostgrave back in 2016 and 17 I got some Gale Force 9 ruins. These make square or circular buildings. These often have multiple levels but there were no stairs. This makes it hard to imagine how the models get up and down the buildings. So I made some spiral staircases out of high density foam. I had to do some maths to work out how big to make each stair. I ended up making 6 stairs per half circle on a 140mm diameter circle. This makes the stairs big enough to get