Saga Age of Magic - The Great Kingdom of Naggaroth

I played a game of Saga Age of Magic today at the Club. I used my old Warhammer Dark Elf army as a Great Kingdom. I used the Sapphire Elves sublist

Mounted Warlord
Mounted Sorceress
1.5 points of Hearthguard and a Paladin on Cold Ones
1 Behemoth
3.5 points of Warriors 1 with bows and 1 mounted and a block of 12 with spears
1 warmachine

The Dwarfs were invading, maybe trying to recover the entrance to one of their underground dwellings. We were using the diagonal deployment
The Dwarfs come boiling out of their stone lair grey with dust. Their initial advance was cautious.
The Dark Elves maneuver forwards. The crossbowmen slide out of the woods to get within range of the sacred cauldron. I then promptly forgot to use this ability. There are some Dwarf warriors out on the left hand look a bit isolated so the Hydra, the Warlord, Sorceress and mounted warriors shuffle over that way. The bolt shooter tries to shoot the creatures but they save.

I spent all of my dice on abilities so I had a loaded board. On the other side the spearmen have pushed forwards supported by the Paladin and the Hearthguard. 

The Dwarf goat riders bash into my spear warriors. The have to double move to attack me so they have a fatigue. I have banish evil, inspiration and another ability on the warriors giving me 6 attack dice and 4 defense dice. I spent the fatigue to make me armour 5.
Once all the dice rolling was over the dwarf cavalry were wiped out and no Elves were harmed making this spectacle.
The Dark Elves moved forwards, the Knights angle around to give them some options on who to attack while keeping out of range of the crossbows.  The Hydra moves forward to get within attach range of the Dwarfs.
The rest of the Dwarfs shuffle forwards, taking it in turn to bash themselves on the Hydra. Going in fatigued, the Hydra was able to raise its armour to mitigate the damage. The survivors of the first unit of warriors go back home. There were 2 left

The Dwarf Hearthguard go in and kill off the Hydra spreading fatigue around the Dark Elves. There are only three Dwarf guard left.

Deciding that she was easier to kill than the Warlord, the other unit of Dwarf Warriors goes in to attack the Sorceress. Some defensive buffs allow her to survive and retreat exhausted.

The Sorceress rests and then casts a spell killing a couple of guard and a warrior. As a Sapphire elf sorceress she got to modify the miscast and managed to get it to no effect. The bolt shooter manages to kill the surviving bear.

The Dark Riders charge in and finish off the surviving Dwarf Warriors. The Cold One Knights continue their advance across the table. They were going to charge the Dwarf Guard but two got killed by the sorceresses spell so they were out of range. The knights have to content themselves with moving closer.

The Dwarves are now down to only 3 Saga dice. With a scream of frustration the Dwarf warlord rushes across the battlefield and kills the Dark Elf warlord, who was busy killing her last bodyguard.
At this point we called the game.

It was nice to get out the Dark Elves again. They have not played since GW blew up the old world. Some of the models are the original Mengil Manhides Marauders I bought back in 1990. 

Richards army is made up with some great models and they will look even better when he has finished painting them.

There are plenty of great abilities in the Great Kingdoms. The only bit I didn't really like are the spell lores. 



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