Frostgrave - its a nice night for a Dwarf wedding.

Its a nice night to slay again. - Apologies to Billy Idol

The rest of our Frostgrave gaming group were off doing SCA stuff this weekend so Alan and I got in a bonus game of Frostgrave.

We played a scenario based on the Rangifier mission in Thaw on the Lichlord. Put the central treasure down and the other treasures 6" away from this point aligned towards each corner. But two Barbarians next to the central treasure and one next to each other treasure. I was using a mix of Hasslefree and Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers. I decided it was a Dwarf wedding ritual where the bride and groom and their closest friends stand guard over the dowry for a night in Frostgrave. They get to keep whatever they can guard.

Usually is a cold night and some monsters but tonight its marauding bands of wizards and their retinues. 

This is an overview of the battlefield.

Alan is using a Witch for his warband so he has a couple of bears in his crew. These are by far the best animal companions and are no harder to get than a wolf or a leopard. I took Herne and crew out for episode three.

Here is leading the assault force of Little John, Eric of Wickham, Will Scarlet and Alan a Dale. Marion has the archers, Robin, Nasir and Much and Friar Tuck.
This is the other side of the table, this was one of the few times I was going to get to see it. Alan is using a daemon teddy bear from Malifaux and a Rat Ogre type creature. Most of Alan's band are ASOIF models and he has a sort of Monty Python theme going on.
Here we are after turn 1. Alan cast Rainstorm which would cut down my shooting so I dispelled it. Everyone is running forwards. Alan a Dale has been sent round the other side of the well so his singing won't annoy the rest of the band.

Marion cast blinding light on the nearest Dwarf and Robin managed to wing it for 2 points of damage, everyone else missed.

Alan cast fog, this blocked me off from seeing the other half of the table but it protected me from his warband as well. The nearest Dwarf Warrior rushes over and is promptly surrounded and bopped on the head by Little John
Will Scarlet runs up to the wall of fog.

The rest of the warband moves up. Nasir and Robin dash around to the left of the ruined corner.
Just in time for Nasir to catch an arrow with his face. Nasir decides that he doesn't want a speaking part in this episode and makes his way back to his trailer. I the background one of the Dwarfs has charged Alan's bear.
The growing pile of casualties. I have killed one Dwarf and lost Nasir and Alan. Alan was bashed by a Dwarf  Hh thought it was still blinded but it was only playing possum and smashed his lute to matchsticks (the rest of the warband were not upset about that part).
Friar Tuck does what he does best and secures the treasure for the church. Its a non taxable donation if he takes it off the table. Alan has now cast a wall of fog on the other side of the central pillar.
Robin moves to provide fire support from the higher ground and the wind blows through his hair much better up their.
Little John, Eric and Will Scarlet have disappeared through the fog and are now fighting a couple of Dwarfs. Eric has managed to slip through and has his hands on the central treasure. 
A couple of Ghouls attracted by the sounds and smells of living creatures have arrived and are now sneaking up on Robin. Alan had made a deck of all the monsters so we just drew from his huge deck of cards. We did quite well with our monsters and got 2 ghouls, 2 wild dogs and a Wolf out of 5 treasures
Alan was engaged in a viscous fight with the Dwarfs, we ended up killing 3 each but the Dwarfs fighting Alan did a much better job of seeking a glorious death. They killed both his bears, a thief and a Man at Arms. Alan also lost a Thug to a couple of wild dogs but what do you expect when you are dressed in bones. We promptly renamed him dog treat.
Robin managed to put an arrow into a Ghoul, Herne and Marion also cast blinding light on the wolf and the other Ghoul meaning they won't be able to do much. Friar Tuck and Eric are dragging their treasures back to the edge of the board. Little John and Will Scarlet are fighting the Dwarfs. Will managed to win a fight with the Dwarf Robin had shot earlier, by one point due to Combat Awareness cast on him by Herne. His victory was short lived as another Dwarf avenged his fallen colleague and Will was taken out.
Little John arrives back through the fog dragging a treasure. When the rest of the team asked where Will was he replied that Will was taking another route back
Marion tried to cast blinding light on Alan's apprentice but he shrugged it off, he then cast plague of insects on here. Fortunately Herne dispelled it before she could get skewered by Alan's tracker.

On the other the other side of the Fog Alan was having some cinematic moments. Alan's Templar Brienne got wounded in by her first Dwarf opponent before dispatching the Dwarf. Then she dispatched two wardogs that had just eaten his thug and then she accounted for a second Dwarf. Give that woman a medal and a promotion.

I had three naughty rolls to make Alan survived easily all the damage was to his Lute, Nasir also survived. Will decided to hold out for a larger roll so will sit out the next game while his agent negotiates a new contract.

After the game Marion managed to write a scroll of Combat Awareness. 
I managed to roll up 3 Grimoires and 300 gold. one of them turned out to be for a spell I already knew. So I sold it for 200 more gold giving me enough gold to buy a grimoire of my choice. I bought a grimoire of Banish so I can deal with any pesky daemons which show up.

We spent some time after the game getting excited by the idea of casting plague of insects on a bear and then having them run into contact with enemies that then got affected by the insects. Alan then reread the rules and it states that large and undead creatures are immune to the spell. So the idea of Nurgle bears with their own hives on insects vanished in a puff of bug spray. Joe got there before us.


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