Getting ready for Frostgrave

I bought some Sarissa Precision skirmish bases from Warlord games. They come in a 10 model squad base and a variety of smaller bases for support teams. I have been gluing them together to make unit bases for Saga or Infamy.

I have glued the bases into groups of 12 and 8. I will then fill in the gaps with some texture paste.

Our Frostgrave campaign will be kicking off at the Warlords in a couple of weeks. I have been having fun painting groups of models. This weekend I have been working on some terrain.

When we were playing frostgrave back in 2016 and 17 I got some Gale Force 9 ruins. These make square or circular buildings. These often have multiple levels but there were no stairs. This makes it hard to imagine how the models get up and down the buildings.

So I made some spiral staircases out of high density foam. I had to do some maths to work out how big to make each stair. I ended up making 6 stairs per half circle on a 140mm diameter circle. This makes the stairs big enough to get a model on a 25mm base on the stairs. The rise of the stair is 10mm. That's huge in real life but it means the stairs are about 6 feet wide and rise up 3 feet. However making the stairs to a real life scale wouldn't work trying to get models to stand on them. Real proportioned stairs would be about 6mm across and go up 4mm per stair.

The stairs are made out of high density foam. Once I have the spirals sorted I will cut a hole in the middle to create a central shaft. Then I can cover the whole structure with filler to deal with any gaps.
I have been enjoying using some large soft makeup brushes for dry brushing. You can get a really nice effect really quickly. You can also use the brushes to stipple texture onto the model. This is great for cloth.

These are a set of the barbarians. I have a plastic boxed set and a set of the metal models.
These are some Hasslefree models. I have a barkeep who could be a thief in Frostgrave (have you seen his prices?)
This is Morgwen of Ravenscar, she is another wizard. I also foung this old GW vampire knight that am making into a warrior. Both these models need some more work to get some more tones into the red and then the gold on the knight.
These are some Neanderthals that I got from Warlord games. These can also be some sort of warrior for frostgrave. I think I bought them to be javalineers.
This is the Northstar werewolf models. there is the wolf and monster form you also get a head token because they are worth a bounty if killed.
These are a set of the women warriors. I made a couple into a wizard and an apprentice. These are painted in variations of khaki and blue.


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