Frostgrave - The Mausoleum

For the second game of the day, Richard joined Chris and I for an expedition to the Mausoleum. Richard is using a team of Witches. He uses summoned creatures as an expendable first wave followed by Zombies and lately a barrage of Imps to keep enemy spell casters on their toes.

Here are Richards warband making their way through a ruined tower. The group includes two bears as animal companions.

Here is my updated crew. I cashed in the magic shield I got after the first game and bought another Ranger (Nasir) and an Apothecary (Friar Tuck). 

Here are my team moving towards the treasure. Alan has grabbed the first one (or will do next turn) after the guardian skeleton is shot by Much.

Holy leaping Bears. Richard leaps a bear next to a central treasure. As he said, "I'm not attacking you I'm just asserting dominance." Chris would shortly be enjoying the other bear appearing in front of his team.

Little John is leading a group of Merry Men towards the Mausoleum.

The crew are advancing through the abandoned village. Nasir takes down another Skellie. We had to leave room for Alan to leave with the treasure. Little John has lead a group to the Mausoleum.

Richard uses his zombie to recover the treasure while the bear stands guard. Robin is providing overwatch from the raised plaza and shoots the bear with an arrow taking it down to 2 health. That makes it much less likely to want to attack my infantrymen.

Richards main warband are still hanging around the ruined tower. Bravely leading from the rear in true corporate executive style.
Alan is heading back to base with a cheery tune. (don't sing you are terrible)

Everyone advances to the middle of the table. Nasir and Much provide covering fire and bring down the bear. After the game it actually dies so we can now have a nice bearskin rug for our hideout. Friar Tuck grabs the other treasure while the infantrymen stand guard.

After seeing his bear go down, Richard decides that having an archer providing over watch on his treasure recovery operation is not such a good thing, so he summons an Imp to distract Robin and then puts up a Fog to block line of sight. Robin backs away from the creature but can only go so far before Marion will end up the closest target. 

Robin and Marion manage to defeat the Imp and send it back to the nether world. With that everyone has disengaged and is legging it back to their base with their treasure. We make it back with 2 treasures as does Chris, Richard gets 3.

After the game, I manage to write a scroll, I get a cloak of +1 armour and a few gold. After the game we manage to find Will Scarlett in his brother's pub and convince him to join. He gets the magic dagger from the first game.

2 games in and I am already at level 5. I also have all the cast from the show.


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